Dock Seals feature removable/replaceable wear components.

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With optimized head pad and head curtain designs, PLATINUM(TM) Series withstands abuses delivered by backing trailers. Headers have outer reinforcing of friction-resistant DURATHON(TM) fabric, which protects against extreme wear and tear. Double-reinforced corner-wear boots cover ends of header and upper side pads to protect areas most prone to damage. Consisting of triple-layer, reinforced foil technology, FIREFIGHTER(TM) heat-dissipation protection prevents heat buildup from trailer marker lights.

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New Frommelt® PLATINUM(TM) Series High Performance Dock Seals Combine Advanced Engineering, Materials for Longer Life Over Conventional Dock Seals

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (October 7, 2009) - Rite-Hite Corporation introduces its new line of Frommelt® PLATINUM(TM) Series High Performance Dock Seals, featuring advanced engineering and materials that extend the life of foam compression dock seal components well beyond what the industry has ever been able to achieve.

Exclusive features of the Platinum Series dock seals include innovative head pad and head curtain designs that ensure they easily withstand abuses delivered by backing trailers, which frequently destroy other dock seal headers. Exclusive removable/replaceable wear components also make maintenance quick, easy and cost-effective.

PLATINUM Series dock seal headers have an outer reinforcing of high-strength, friction-resistant DURATHON(TM) fabric, which protects against extreme wear and tear on high-traffic docks. Tough corner-wear boots (instead of ordinary wear pleats) cover the ends of the header and upper side pads to protect the areas of the seal most prone to damage. The independent, double-reinforced boots attach with Velcro, making them easy to remove and replace when worn. This makes maintenance quick and remarkably low-cost, as compared to other dock seals which require replacement of the entire header when corners become worn.

PLATINUM Series seals are available with high-performance heads pads or head curtains. The head pads have a unique backerless, pivoting design so that the entire header moves along with movement from a semi-trailer at the dock, thereby preventing wear associated with air-ride trailers, and damage from yard jockeys. Seals with head curtains feature impactable, high-molecular-weight-polyethylene framing, making them resistant to damage from trailers that back in off center, unlike ordinary seals with rigid, non-impactable head curtain designs.

PLATINUM Series headers also feature FIREFIGHTER(TM) heat-dissipation protection, a triple-layer, reinforced foil technology that prevents the heat buildup from trailer marker lights that can lead to burning of dock seal headers. Headers with FIREFIGHTER protection are guaranteed not to burn from the heat of trailer marker lights, making them safer and more reliable than simple fire-retardant materials.

Additional durability can be built into Frommelt's high-performance dock seals by eliminating traditional wear pleats along the side pads, and replacing them with a continuous layer of friction-resistant DURATHON fabric, which also wraps around to protect the inside edges of the side pads from damage from forklift traffic in and out of the trailer.

More information about the Frommelt® PLATINUM(TM) Series High Performance Dock Seals can be found at Send inquires to Rite-Hite Corporation, 8900 North Arbon Drive, Milwaukee, WI, 53223; e-mail:

A video of PLATINUM Series seals is at:

About Frommelt Products Corporation

Frommelt Products Corporation, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., with manufacturing operations in Dubuque, Iowa, is a recognized leader in loading dock environmental control innovation. Frommelt is part of the Rite-Hite® family of companies providing high quality materials handling systems for maximum safety, security, productivity and energy savings. Principal products include trailer restraints, dock levelers, dock seals and shelters, industrial power doors, integrated control systems and aftermarket products and services.

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