Dock Safety Device guards against roll-off and damage.

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Designed to prevent forklift roll-off and overhead door damage, XDS EXTRA DOCK SAFETY SERIES protects loading dock employees from dangers of drop-zone when door is open and no truck is present. Safety device features DOOR AND DOCK GUARD and acts as pallet stop to guard door panels and tracks from regular impact damage. Constructed to stop 10,000 lb rolling loads up to 4 mph, hydraulically activated safety guard is mounted 22 in. in from face of deck plate and rises 7.5 in. above deck.

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The XDS Extra Dock Safety Series Featuring the Door and Dock Guard from Blue Giant

Brampton, ON, November 1st, 2005 - The loading dock is the busiest area of any facility. There can be up to 100 opportunities per day, per single dock, for the most serious forklift mishap to occur. So how can you make sure your employees are protected from the dangers of the "drop-zone" when there is no truck present at the loading dock?

An innovative safety device specifically designed to prevent forklift roll-off and overhead door damage while increasing productivity is now available. The XDS EXTRA DOCK SAFETY SERIES featuring the DOOR AND DOCK GUARD from Blue Giant. What you want! When you want it! Where you need it most!

The raised safety guard of the XDS protects forklifts from the dangers of the "drop-zone" when the overhead door is open and no trucks are present. Unlike other devices, it also acts as a pallet stop to guard door panels and tracks from regular impact damage when the overhead door is closed. This is why the guard is purposely-mounted 22" in from the face of the deck plate. Not to mention it also provides an extra distance or margin of safety from the face of the dock.

The hydraulically activated safety guard towers 7.5" above the deck designed for various forklift models and constructed to stop 10,000 lbs. rolling loads up to 4 MPH.

When the highly visible yellow guard is in the upright position, the added safety striping provides a visual warning to the forklift operator to stay clear.

When the dock leveler is in use, the safety guard automatically lies flat or flush with the deck surface. This allows smooth, unobstructed flow of traffic during load transfers, even wheels from manual pallet trucks. There are no fears of trip hazards or work boot pinching.

A key switch, located on the dock leveler master control panel, allows the dock attendant to temporarily override the guard for hand bombing cargo. Whether the dock leveler is servicing trucks at or below level, the safety guard is out of the way. This is especially critical when tail or end loading is required - a Blue Giant advantage over other systems that prevent the forklift from lowering pallets right at the edge of the dock onto the back of the tractor-trailer.

For added protection from the other side of the "drop-zone", you can also incorporate a Blue Giant TL85 SAFETY VEHICLE RESTRAINT. The TL85 applies 35,000 lbs. of pressure to keep tractor trailers secured to the loading dock, preventing trailer creep and unscheduled truck departures - the ultimate and most complete extra dock-safety package.

Blue Giant Equipment Corporation is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of dock equipment, ground level loading lifts, dock safety products and industrial trucks. Quite simply, there is a Blue Giant solution for any application.

Steve Greco
Director, Marketing & International Sales

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