DOCK-ALERT(TM) for Improved Dock Safety a Highly Visible Barrier to Help Prevent Dock Walk-offs

Greensboro, North Carolina, - DOCK-ALERT(TM) is a retractable barrier designed to improve loading dock safety.

DOCK-ALERT(TM) is made of high visibility OSHA yellow mesh with black/fluorescent hash marks for easy visibility. Quickly retracting into itself when the dock is in use,
DOCK-ALERT(TM) closes off the dock quickly and easily. Ease of use means employees are more likely to use this safety barrier when docks are truckless with an open door. At 4' high and 13' long, DOCK-ALERT(TM) is an economy model of SIDEWINDER BARRIER®.

While DOCK-ALERT(TM) is specifically for truck docks, SIDEWINDER BARRIER® is an industrial safety barrier used in plants, warehouses, and outdoors. Designed to protect a test area where employees were inadvertently breaking the safety beam, requiring a two hour restart of the test SIDEWINDER BARRIER® has found wide application. At a hospital, SIDEWINDER BARRIER® blocks a road adjacent to the helipad to keep debris from damaging vehicles when the helicopter is landing or taking off. The barrier is quickly expanded or retracted in this emergency situation.

Hi-Tec Equipment Co., LLC, has been solving problems in various industries for 30 years. Solutions include custom equipment, as well as standard material handling equipment. Hi-Tec specializes in industries working with heavy materials and products.

For more information on DOCK-ALERT(TM), contact Hi-Tec Equipment Co., LLC, P.O. Box 14040, Greensboro, NC 27415, call (800) 454-3824, fax 800-354-3824, email or visit Hi-Tec's address is P.O. Box 14040, Greensboro, NC 27415


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