DNF Controls NAB 2016 Product Preview

New Enhanced Products on Display at LVCC North Hall #1715

Northridge, Calif. -  DNF Controls – the award-winning and acknowledged leader in Human-to-Machine and Machine-to-Machine interfaces will be "showing a number of new and enhanced device management products specifically designed to meet the real-world needs of our broadcast and content creation / distribution customers," said Dan Fogel, chief technology officer of DNF Controls. "Television technologies are moving forward at a rapid pace; this will be our 26th year as an NAB exhibitor and contributor to this dynamic industry."

New IP Control Buddy

IP Control Buddy is a robust new go-to solution for managing device control and messaging. It features programmer-free webpage configuration and will be available in both GPI/O and LCD pushbutton models. A single button press can be used to activate a GPI/O, transmit a serial command, or send an Ethernet-based TCP/UDP/SNMP/HTTP message. It can also convert one GPI Input into multiple GPI Outputs or multiple GPI Inputs to a single Output.

New USP3

USP3 is the next-generation of DNF's widely-used Universal Switch Panel with Ethernet, RS232/422 serial and GPI/O-capable. It offers a streamlined user interface, single panel monitoring and multiple device controls, GPO, serial or Ethernet messaging, and more. Its programmer-free webpage set-up enables users to create task-specific control interfaces for the most complex scenarios; in addition, users can store multiple configurations and replicate them to other local or remote USP systems.

New AIB-3/AIB-4

AIB-3/AIB-4  joins DNF's popular Anywhere Interface Box series, offering up to 16 GPI/Os and multiple device control paths, including Ethernet, two-way audio, DTMF, and modem dial, for unparalleled device management and monitoring flexibility. A single GPI or external button press issues serial or Ethernet commands, supports SNMP messaging and traps and more. Multiple non-volatile configurations are readily created, stored and replicated using DNF's programmer-free web-based set-up tools.

New Functionality - DPI Signal Monitoring

Flex Control Network, DNF's modular broadcast and production control system, gains Digital Program Insertion (DPI) Signal Monitoring functionality. DPI-SM provides real-time oversight of SCTE 35 Break Start/End activity with robust user alerting options and immediate notification of received, missing and late events for all channels being monitored, no matter if at a local or geographically remote facility.

New Support – SCTE-104 Messaging Transmission

DNF's GTP-32 Control Processor adds support for SCTE-104 Messaging & Transmission, an advanced replacement for DTMF tones used by cable head-ends and internet streamers for digital program and spot insertion, as well as to block and replace digital rights-managed content. GTP-32 is fully compatible with major brand inserters and offers easy-to-build SCTE command lists via DNF's web-based, programmer-free user interface.   

About DNF Controls

DNF Controls has been innovating, designing and delivering trusted device control interfaces for more than 25 years. The California-based company offers a wide range of human-to-machine and machine-to-machine solutions designed to meet the real-world device management needs of studio and remote broadcast, teleproduction and similar facilities. For additional information, please visit DNFControls.com

DNF Controls contact: Fred Scott

+1-516-922-4363 / sales@dnfcontrols.com

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