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With Alarm Shelving application, operators of Metso DNA Automation System can temporarily prevent alarm from being displayed when it is being a nuisance. Shelved alarm will be removed from alarm list and will not show until it is un-shelved. Function test, featuring automatic data collection, shows function block diagram with live values from real or virtual running environment, helping to solve control and process disturbances. In addition, Metso DNA is available with an IEC 61850 interface.

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Metso Introduces New Applications to Boost Usability in the Metso DNA Automation System

Metso has strengthened its product portfolio and developed new control applications to improve usability in the Metso DNA automation system. The novelties include tools for alarm shelving and a function test, both continuing Metso's pioneering work in usability applications for process control. Also, an IEC 61850 interface is now available.

Alarm shelving hides nuisance alarms temporarily

To further improve usability in the Metso DNA system, Metso has developed an Alarm Shelving application. With it, the operator is able to temporarily prevent an alarm from being displayed when it is being more of a nuisance. A shelved alarm will be removed from the alarm list and will not show until it is un-shelved.

"Operators are continuously exposed to a vast amount of information provided by the process. Shelving prevents unnecessary alarms to show up in the event list. Such repeating alarms may be caused, for example, by instrument malfunction or ongoing maintenance activities," explains Jaakko Oksanen, Product Manager, Metso DNA, Automation, Metso. "Too many alarms cause stress when you need to be able to react quickly in a dynamic environment. By shelving the alarms, it is possible to control both process events and operator stress. It gives the operator a feeling of being in control."

In the new application, the user can shelve an alarm, possibly comment on it and define the length of the shelving time. The shelved alarms are hidden in the user interface until expiration.

Improved function test

Metso has further developed its function test for testing control applications. It shows the function block diagram with live values from the running environment - real or virtual - thus helping to solve both control and process disturbances.

The application features automatic data collection, resulting in faster analysis. Usability is boosted by simpler functionality; there are fewer buttons to push and an improved version of the function test toolbar. Based on the positive feedback from customers, user experience with the interface is now better than before.

IEC 61850 interface available

Metso DNA is available with an IEC 61850 interface, an international standard data communications protocol with several services aimed at all substation protection and control requirements.

"For example, digital protection relays in a process are often are connected to another system. The IEC 61850 standard provides easy interoperability between the devices and the Metso DNA system. The operators have a better picture of what is going on in the process environment and also a feeling of being in control of the whole production site," Oksanen points out.

Metso controllers receive data from IEC 61850 server devices either by cyclic polling or using event-based reports. They can also send data or commands to IEC 61850 server devices. The client provides a native IEC 61850 interface according to the IEC 61850 standard. Configuration of the IEC 61850 interface in Metso DNA is defined in ASCII files, which are loaded from the backup node when the ACN node is starting.

One system for all

The scalable Metso DNA automation system adapts to diverse industry needs, from single machine controls to entire plant-wide automation and information management systems. It enables plants to integrate all operations into a single plant-wide, or even corporate-wide entity, enabling easy access to information for comparing and combining process data. Operators only need to know one system, and customers also benefit from having a single source for global system support, updates and spare parts.

The information management applications can be accessed from the control room, office or via remote connection or a new Smart Phone application.

Metso DNA is supported by a global network of local experts who provide customer service on-site and through remote connectivity. In addition to product support, the portfolio of Metso services includes training, process improvement services and assured upgrade capability. The single system architecture of Metso DNA enables lifelong compatibility and upgrading options.

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