Distribution Systems suit preheat welding applications.

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US Navy 3- and 4-wire Systems are watertight with waterproof-shielded connections, neoprene rubber distribution blocks, and mating plugs molded to 600 V cables. Mini-System consists of line-voltage resistance heating system suited for applications like preheating plates, spheres, and vessels. Smart Heaters are electrical resistance heaters with independent thermostatic control that automatically monitors and controls temperature at each weldment.

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Duraline Introduces Distribution Systems For Welding Preheat, Heat Treating Systems

Maximum flexibility and efficiency Duraline®, a leading manufacturer of lighting streamers and other electrical power distribution systems for over 50 years, introduces its modular distribution systems for electrical resistance preheat and heat treating welding applications. These economical and efficient systems offer the flexibility of a range of solutions, which includes: U.S. Navy 3-Wire and 4-Wire Systems with Percentage Timer; Commercial Percentage Systems (Mini-Systems for Preheat); Commercial System "A" (CBI) and Commercial System "B" (JBB). The U.S. Navy 3- and 4-wire system configurations are not variable from the Bureau of Ships standard. All components in these systems, including the control unit, are watertight for maximum safety, with waterproof-shielded connections. Distribution blocks are neoprene rubber with mating plugs molded to 600-volt heavy-duty cables. The Duraline Mini-System is a line-voltage resistance heating system ideally suited for applications like preheating plates, spheres, vessels and other weldments having a fairly regular shape or a radius greater than one foot. It is designed so that all cable sizes take maximum advantage of their current carrying capabilities. Duraline Smart Heaters, are the first electrical resistance heaters with independent thermostatic control. These systems reduce energy costs (by more than 30%) and man-hours by automatically monitoring and controlling the temperature at each weldment. Input cables may be furnished up to 100 feet long on the 6-outlet distribution block, and up to 50 feet long on the 4-outlet main panel. Duraline's latest addition to these systems is an optional panel mount receptacle, model 30FR4X, which provides additional flexibility and convenience. Both the CBI and JBB type commercial systems allow the use of 72 inch thermostatically controlled heaters by incorporating a primary spider in place of the 3B20-6SR distribution block. Accordingly, the system may be configured for most heaters using either the primary spider or the 6-outlet distribution block. Duraline, a division of J.B. Nottingham & Co., Inc., is a leading manufacturer of safety engineered electrical power distribution systems designed to withstand rough handling and severe weather conditions. Established in 1946 as a supplier of heat-treating distribution systems to the US Navy, Duraline's principle offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Deland, Florida. Duraline sells and services its specially engineered systems throughout the United States and Canada. For more information on Duraline's new distribution systems for preheat and heat treating, contact Duraline, 1731 Patterson Ave, Deland, FL 32724. Call: 386-873-2990, or Fax: 386-873-2995. Visit Duraline on the World Wide Web at www.jbn-duraline.com.


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