Distance Measurement System supports ProfiNET communications.

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ProfiNET LE-200 laser distance measurement system provides communication option for users looking for real-time, closed loop distance feedback application solutions. Incorporating phase-shift differential technology, unit delivers accurate (±2 mm) and reliable positioning technology over 0.2-240 m range. Cooling and heating options are available for extreme environments, and other available protocol options include EtherNET/IP, DeviceNET, Profibus, Interbus, and CAN.

Original Press Release:

TR Electronic Adds ProfiNET to the LE-200 Absolute Laser Distance Measurement System

The new ProfiNET LE-200 laser distance measurement system from TR Electronic provides a communication option for customers looking for real-time, closed loop distance feedback application solutions. Incorporating TR's phase-shift differential technology, the ProfiNET LE-200 provides accurate and reliable positioning technology with one of today's leading industrial Ethernet interfaces.

The ProfiNET enabled LE-200 laser distance measurement system from TR Electronic provides a new interface option for challenging, longer-distance applications where traditional technology cannot deliver.

Laser-based measuring devices have generally been implemented with high-speed interfaces such as SSI or fieldbus technologies to provide the necessary response time for precision measurement. The LE-200 was the first long-range laser on the market available with EtherNET/IP and TR Electronic continues to support all leading industrial Ethernet protocols with the release of the ProfiNET version. The new ProfiNET option provides a clear migration path for those customers looking to maintain their control hardware platform. The LE-200 is also available with a variety of protocol options including EtherNET/IP, DeviceNET, Profibus, Interbus and CAN interfaces.

The LE-200 is a laser-based system where the emitter/receiver is positioned opposite a target (either a flat, clean surface or a specific reflective target) and as the distance between the two is varied, the position is evaluated and a corresponding value is transmitted from the device to the control system. Either the laser device, or its reflector, is fixed and the other end will move relative to it, depending on location of available power and control system wiring.

The ProfiNET LE-200 laser is a standard position sensing product with a measuring range of 0.2 - 240 metres. It has an accuracy rate of +/- 2mm and is available with cooling and heating options for the most extreme environments.

For common positioning applications including loop control, coil diameter measurement, automated warehousing, level and material control in silos, crane positioning and general material handling of parts or containers over large scanning distances, the LE-200 with ProfiNET allows for a seamless transition towards next generation communications in the industrial automation industry.

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