Dispersion Filler Aid performs in wet and dry processes.

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Multifunctional siloxane Z-6173 Filler Dispersion Aid improves material compatibility and is hydrophobic to reduce water absorption. Material requires no pre-hydrolysis or catalysts. With viscosity lowering effect on molten compounds, Z-6173 is suitable for use with silica, mica, wollastonite, glass, natural fibers, talc, calcium carbonate, and ferrous metals.

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Dow Corning Introduces Multifunctional Dispersion Aid

MIDLAND, MICHIGAN, USA - June 20, 2007 - Dow Corning Corporation, a pioneer of organosilane technology, has introduced Dow Corning® Z-6173 Filler Dispersion Aid, a multifunctional siloxane product that can improve filler dispersion, improve compatibility between materials, and provide application-specific benefits.

"The performance of reinforced polymers depends on both the filler and the polymer-filler interaction at the interface, which makes filler dispersion a critical component in the compound," said Scott Miller, Dow Corning Technical Specialist for Materials Reinforcement. "The new Z-6173 Filler Dispersion Aid contains alkoxy- and alkyl-functional groups to improve dispersion of inorganic fillers into organic polymers such as resins, plastics and rubber."

In addition to improving material compatibility, the alkyl functionality of Z-6173 Filler Dispersion Aid also acts as a hydrophobe to reduce water absorption. It is suitable for use with a wide range of fillers, including silica, mica, wollastonite, glass and natural fibers, talc, calcium carbonate, ferrous metals, carbon microfibers, and many others.

Dow Corning Z-6173 Filler Dispersion Aid provides users with a unique combination of benefits not found in similar dispersion products:

Low cost: The high efficiency allows the use of more filler while achieving similar performance properties. It is also priced lower than similar competitive products, based on dispersing actives content.

Ease of use: Requires no pre-hydrolysis or catalyst.

Low VOC: Generates lower levels of methanol than traditional, monomeric silane coupling agents.

Processing options: Works in both wet and dry processes. It can be used to pre-treat the filler or delivered in situ via liquid injection or absorption onto a carrier.

Productivity increase: Lowers the viscosity of the molten compound in the mixer, increasing throughput and reducing the amount of energy needed for extrusion.

To learn more about Dow Corning Z-6173 Filler Dispersion Aid and all of Dow Corning's silane solutions, visit www.dowcorning.com/silanes.

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