Dispense Valve Cartridge suits micro volume applications.

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No-Drip vacuum-sealed cartridge dispenses flux, underfill, and encapsulation. Product utilizes post-dispense vacuum to reverse internal auger, drawing excess material back into cartridge. Amount and duration of vacuum is programmable. Unit dispenses low-viscosity materials that tend to drip between dispense locations. Precision machined DL Cartridges are available in 3 styles: floating/fixed, large-hub, and Luer-style.

Original Press Release:

DL Technology Introduces No-Drip Dispense Valve Cartridges For Micro Volume Applications

HAVERHILL, MA - DL Technology, LLC® introduces the No-Drip Dispense Valve Cartridge for dispensing flux, underfill, and encapsulation. The new vacuum-sealed cartridge utilizes post-dispense vacuum to reverse an internal auger and draw
excess material back into the cartridge. The amount and duration of the vacuum is programmable.

The No-Drip Dispense Valve Cartridge is ideal for dispensing low-viscosity materials that tend to drip between dispense locations. For example, the DL No-Drip Cartridge averages only a 1.5% error rate when dispensing 3.5 milligram shots of Kester Se-Cure® 9110S reflow encapsulant used for Flip-Chip on Flux applications. The Se-Cure 9100 series eliminates long underfill dispense and flow times and has excellent adhesion strength characteristics.

DL Cartridges are precision machined for dispensing micro volume applications. They are available in three styles: floating/fixed, large-hub, and Luer-style. Floating/fixed cartridges are used with DL footed and unfooted needles. Luer-style cartridges are used for all metal and plastic Luer-type needles. Large-hub cartridges accommodate larger multi-tip or X-form needles. Custom replacement designs are also available.

DL cartridges can be used with any cartridge-style dispense valve. They are available in either carbide-lined for standard or high-flow applications, or plastic lined for special applications.

DL Technology provides dispensing solutions for electronics assembly, semiconductor packaging, optoelectronics, and high density interconnect (HDI) applications. Through its micro valve technology, custom needle design, and accessories, the company provides a total solution for micro-volume dispensing.

DL Technology, LLC® is owned and operated by engineers who have more than fifteen years experience in dispensing technology. The company specializes in solutions for micro-dispensing applications, and has relationships with major manufacturers of dispensing equipment as well as leading manufacturers of electronics components and assemblies. Corporate headquarters is located in Haverhill, MA; tel: (978) 374-6451; fax: (978) 372-4889; e-mail: sales@dltechnology.com; web: www.dltechnology.com. Sales representatives are located worldwide.

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