Disk Laser offers broad material processing capabilities.

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Featuring 8 kW of power, TruDisk 8002 integrates cooling unit and beam switches and provides up to 6 fiber outputs standard. Modular laser can process nearly any material, including reflective materials such as copper and aluminum. It can weld 10 mm deep in construction steel with welding speed of 1 m/min or 3 mm deep at 20 m/min. Design does not exhibit any thermal lens effect, which makes beam source insensitive to adjustments.

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New TRUMPF Disk Laser with Eight Kilowatts of Laser Power

FARMINGTON, Conn., December 15, 2006 -- TRUMPF is introducing a new disk laser with eight kilowatts of power. The disk laser is known for its characteristic high electrical efficiency and high beam quality at multi-kilowatt laser output.

"The disk laser is one of the most important developments in laser technology for industrial material processing," says Director of Sales for Laser Beam Sources at TRUMPF's Laser Technology Business Field Dr. Kurt Mann. "In spite of its high laser power, it has a beam quality equal to lasers of less power. Its application range is almost unlimited."

The TruDisk 8002 can process nearly any material and even highly reflective materials like copper or aluminum are processed without difficulties. The laser is able to weld ten millimeters deep in construction steel with a welding speed of one meter per minute. At an increased welding speed of 20 meters per minute it can still weld three millimeters deep. Its high processing speed offers several productivity advantages such as shorter cycle times or higher throughput. The TruDisk 8002 is especially suited for challenging welding tasks on thick sheet metal. Applications for this high powered laser include welding tasks in heavy industry like construction equipment and ship building. Applications for the TruDisk 8002 in the field of automotive manufacturing are being tested as well.

With the cooling unit and beam switches integrated into the device, the disk laser is the most compact high power laser on the market. In contrast to the rod laser, the disk laser does not exhibit any thermal lens effect, which makes the beam source extremely insensitive to adjustments. Beam management is of major importance to industrial systems. With a standard of up to six fiber outputs, the disk laser offers a flexibility that is not possible with the much larger design of other systems. The modular concept and use of proven standard components makes it very easy for these components to be exchanged. At the same time the benefits of flexible laser beam guidance are made possible by the laser light cable and laser network.

"The TRUMPF disk laser has proven itself in the industrial manufacturing environment in recent years in various installations around the world," adds Dr. Mann.

"User space" is an important benefit experienced by customers of TRUMPF disk lasers. The space in the laser where the fiber optic cables are connected is separated from the optics enclosure by a sealed partition. The laser does not need to be switched off to insert or remove a laser light cable, allowing the laser power to be delivered through other light cables.. Decoupling the pump diodes, resonator system and transport fibers safeguards the investment in the laser system over the long-term, while protecting it from the many costs that result from service downtime and also reducing maintenance costs.

Dr. Mann comments on the disk laser's bright future, "Right now the disk laser knows no bounds relative to its application." For example, a 25 kW fundamental mode disk laser is being tested at an international technology corporation. Through the existing practice of scaling power by coupling several disks in a resonator, any amount of power would, at least in principle, be possible with the disk laser.

TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology. Additional company information is available at: www.us.trumpf.com

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