Discussing Trends That Sustain EV Growth at The Battery Show 2023

Nearly every major auto-manufacturer is charged up for an all-electric future. The competition to deliver faster charging, improved motor performance with higher capacity and extended driving range is revving up. Engineers are hard-pressed to come up with innovative solutions for cooling techniques, intelligent battery safeguards and game-changing products that address the most difficult challenges, such as thermal safety.

Now, more than ever, these issues are top of mind and The Battery Show North America continues to be the #1 Advanced Battery and Electric Vehicle event. It serves as a hub for the industry’s experts to connect face-to-face and discuss new technologies, innovations and materials that deliver cheaper, lighter, safer and more powerful batteries. Maximizing the performance, safety and longevity of the battery pack are key considerations amongst OEMs, TIERs and engineers. The race is on to find the right solutions for all areas of the EV value chain.

Stronger Together: Solutions from the Saint-Gobain® Team

There is no better way to achieve innovation across the entire value chain than finding a one-stop shop. That is precisely why, for the first time ever, multiple Saint-Gobain business units including Performance Ceramics and RefractoriesADFORSZirPro and Thin Films joined together with Tape Solutions to present the power and value that Saint-Gobain offers for all steps of the EV value chain.

To better meet and address the world’s growing appetite for electric vehicles, our teams presented products and materials for:

Saint-Gobain offers products and materials for EV. Source: Saint-Gobain.

  1. Minerals and Recycling: Solutions to enable reduced component wear and process downtime through improved handling of abrasive and caustic ores and powders.
  2. Active Materials and Components: Solutions to optimize the production process and performance of battery active materials with performance optimization, recycling, contamination prevention and more.
  3. Battery Cell and Battery Modules: Solutions for optimized battery performance under normal and extreme conditions to enhance thermal management, optimize longevity and optimize power density.
  4. EV Battery Pack and E-Motors: Solutions for EV battery pack protection under extreme conditions with applications in thermal management, thermal runaway protection, fire protection and more.
  5. EV Infrastructure & Fast Charging: Solutions such as special tapes and foams that offer reliable shielding and sealing, thermal management, fire protection, high voltage insulation and more to maximize EV battery charging speed and safety.

Through presenting optimally coordinated solutions only a global leader could provide, booth visitors were able to explore strong partnerships for solving the toughest challenges with tailored high-performance materials across the entire EV value chain.

Spotlighting new & most popular products

It wouldn’t be a show if we didn’t feature new products, innovations and best-sellers. Our teams were equipped with product portfolios and provided access to brochures, technical data sheets and materials that were of key interest.

Amongst the multiple business units, our teams were ready to discuss the most frequently asked questions about our newest or most popular products.

Some of these products included:

  • Hexoloy® SE Rollers from Saint-Gobain Performance, Ceramics and Refractories (PCR), which provides best-in-class performance for cathode active material (CAM) processing in roller hearth kilns (RHKs).
  • From Saint-Gobain ZirPro, a range of high density Yttria stabilized Zirconia beads, Zirmil® Y, used in all mill types and particularly suited to high energy and re-circulation processes as well as Zirconia Powder with high purity & reactivity.
  • DEFENSOR-Flex® ML from Saint-Gobain ADFORS, which provides a fire barrier for thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries.
  • From Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions, the Norseal® TRP Series, a soft, compressible pad that provides a high degree of protection against battery thermal runaway event and Norseal PS-V0 Series, a high performance micro-cellular polyurethane foam, specially designed to offer UL94 V-0 properties for EV and HEV battery applications.
  • From Saint-Gobain Thin Films, CF Gold film, a sputtered Au film using breakthrough PreciseAU™ technology to achieve optimum performance levels while reducing precious metals consumption.

The products listed above are only a few that were displayed and discussed to help engineers address issues related to in-cell materials, cell design, heat management, electrical insulation, shielding and more!

Accelerate Your EV Projects with Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

As the energy transition quickens, our teams are energized for the future of e-mobility. We have the drive and expertise to help accelerate your EV projects and support your EV brand’s success. We are powered up with engineered solutions that can solve your greatest challenges, no matter where they are in the EV value chain.

We are eager to continue what we started at the battery show and continue exploring the most requested solutions for EV battery pack applications. Let’s talk about thermal runaway protectioncompression padspack sealsthermal interface materials and more to manage application challenges and maintain superior battery pack performance.

If you have any questions or would like to have continued discussion around these key themes, contact us today.

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