Discount Crowd Control Announces Volume Discount on Premium Traffic Barriers

Liberty, Missouri - Crowd control has never been cheaper and the leading MO based company, Discount Crowd Control, has announced to offer volume discounts on both new and used barriers.

"We are presently offering both new and used road barriers at highly slashed rates. We promise you top notch products including our Discount Used Barriers which comply with strict safety guidelines. We are available to answer your questions by phone anytime during the day," stated the senior sales official from the company.

A seasoned name across the MO scene, Discount Crowd Control has been operating for over a decade now. The company offers barriers nationwide for traffic control, crowd control property protection. He added, "Customer convenience has always been important to us and our latest volume discounts would ensure huge savings on your part."

The firm manager also commented on low maintenance, sturdy safety instruments that fit around the highways, pacey avenues, school yards pedestrian zones. He displayed their steel and Concrete Security Barriers & barricades for long-term traffic control. These are also used to separate hazardous items, bulk materials & other particulars on a construction site. There are plastic barriers as well for those who need a more affordable solution for short-term projects.

"You can use our plastic or concrete barriers as either interlocked or single units. The plastic barriers are lightweight & easily portable. If aesthetic value is high on your list, DCC water-filled barriers & concrete planters would be the right option for you. Our barriers are the ultimate solution when you are looking for highly durable traffic control aides that would require minimum maintenance," explained the manager.

DCC water-filled barriers & barricades are portable, cover a versatile range & minimize damage to vehicles. These cater to public work facilities, construction sites & law enforcement needs. The company also offers traffic accessories like traffic drums, cones & warning lights.

About Discount Crowd Control

Discount Crowd Control is a leading MO company which offers a versatile range of superior quality road barriers for traffic control, crowd control & property protection. For more details, visit

Contact Name: Robert Lawson


28 Westwoods Drive, Suite 101

Liberty,  Missouri

United States - 64068

Phone Number: 866-755-3325

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