DiloGroup at Techtextil India Mumbai, India - October 03-05, 2013 German Pavilion, Booth No. C19, C21, C22, Hall 6

The Techtextil India 2013 held in Mumbai from October 03-05 is an excellent opportunity for the DiloGroup to present its portfolio of equipment to the nonwovens industry.

DiloGroup will provide extensive information about production lines made in Germany and recent machine concepts from the DiloGroup companies DiloTemafa, DiloSpinnbau and DiloMachines. A major focus of the new equipment is to improve operation efficiency, web quality and uniformity with positive effects on all staple fibre bonding processes. All these elements are part of the "Dilo – Isomation Process" and aim at an even web mass for reduced fibre consumption as raw material is the biggest cost factor in textile production.

One machine contributing to this process is the dosing opener DON manufactured by DiloTemafa which includes a fine opening stage. It delivers the fibrous material continuously and homogeneously to the card feeder.

Another step to improve evenness is the card feeder MultiFeed designed by DiloSpinnbau which is available in working widths up to 5 m. This machine using the "Twinflow" infeed system offers a capacity of over 400 kg/hour/m of working width when processing 1.7 dtex fibres. It thus represents a state-of-the-art feeding solution for direct cards. The use of a "Twinflow" infeed applies the doubling effect for a more homogeneous flock mass flow. DiloSpinnbau – MultiFeed card feeder "Twinflow" infeed schematics

The Spinnbau MultiCard provides high production availability due to its easy and fast accessibility for cleaning and maintenance work. It handles the full range of fibre fineness and length with a web speed potential of up to 200 m/min and thus represents an economic solution for cross laid nonwoven production.

Dilo crosslappers provide infeed speeds up to ca. 200 m/min (HL series) and over 160 m/min (DL series). The DL series may be equipped with the Webguide from DiloMachines which also provides web homogeneity at high speeds and therefore results in significant fibre savings. DiloMachines offers a complete range of vertical and horizontal crosslappers which ensure high layering precision based on excellent web control up to working widths of 16 m.

DiloMachines – crosslapper DiloLayer DL

The sales program of DiloMachines includes the complete range of needlelooms, from single board needling on one side to two boards from each side, plus structuring and patterning specialty looms. Endless felt tubes can be needled and also wide working width belts for papermachine clothing applications. The further development of needlelooms continues.

Elliptical and circular needlebeam movements are used to control drafts in the needling zone and to provide high speed felt production especially in the low weight range. DiloGroup - Complete production line for needle felts DiloGroup • Im Hohenend 11 • 69412 EBERBACH phone: +49 / (0) 62 71 / 9 40-0 • fax: +49 / (0) 62 71 / 7 11 42 • e-mail: info@dilo.de

DiloGroup is the premier builder and supplier of complete nonwovens lines made in Germany for staple fibre nonwoven production. Each line is specifically engineered to customer needs. We look forward to discussing your requirements. Please visit us at our booths C19, C21, C22 in hall No. 6.

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