Digitizer includes multibuffer acquisition and readout mode.

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With power consumption of less than 15 W, Acqiris DP1400 8-bit digitizer features analog front-end mezzanine containing signal conditioning and high-speed ADC components. Inputs provvide ac- and dc-coupled digitizing channel with 50 Ohm input impedance. Real-time sampling rate of up to 1 GS/s on each channel can be increased to 2 GS/s in single channel mode by interleaving ADCs. Onboard memory of 256 kpoints can be segmented for burst mode acquisitions with 350 ns of intersegment dead time.

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Agilent Technologies Introduces Compact, Low-Power Digitizer that Maximizes Measurement Throughput

SANTA CLARA, Calif, June 12, 2007 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced its first digitizer from the Acqiris product line. The Acqiris DP1400 high-speed digitizer features a compact design and highly integrated technology for extremely low-power consumption as well as a unique simultaneous multibuffer acquisition and readout (SAR) mode that significantly improves measurement throughput. Agilent acquired Acqiris in November 2006.

Designed in a standard short PCI card format, the compact Acqiris DP1400 combines data converter ASIC technology with a high level of component integration for significantly reduced power consumption of less than 15 W. It can be used in all standard PCI bus slots, whether long or short, and is ideal for a variety of test applications, including semiconductor component test, hard disk drive production test and industrial non-destructive testing.

With the optional SAR mode, the on-board memory is separated into multiple buffers. As data is acquired into one buffer, another can be read out through the 32-bit/64 MHz PCI at up to 250 MB/s. In applications where the total data rate of the acquisition is below the PCI data bandwidth, the Acqiris DP1400 with SAR mode can acquire continuously, missing zero events.

The 8-bit, dual-channel DP1400 features an analog front-end mezzanine containing both signal conditioning and high-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) components. Both inputs provide an AC- and DC-coupled digitizing channel with 50-Ohm input impedance. The real-time sampling rate of up to 1 GS/s on each channel can be increased up to 2 GS/s real-time sampling in single channel mode by interleaving the ADCs. The standard 256 kpoints of onboard memory can be segmented for burst mode acquisitions with an impressive 350 ns of intersegment dead time.

When more than two data-acquisition channels are required, the Acqiris DP1400 digitizers can be synchronized using the 2 GHz auto-synchronization bus (AS Bus 2), a proprietary, high-bandwidth bus system to connect multiple digitizers. The AS Bus 2 distributes both the clock and trigger signals among all the digitizers that participate in the system. It allows any digitizer to generate the trigger while the central digitizer acts as the common synchronous clock source.

With software drivers for Windows(TM), Linux, LabViewRT and VxWorks as well as application code examples for MATLAB®, C++, VisualBasic, LabView and LabWindows, the Acqiris DP1400 easily integrates into existing measurement systems. The flexibility of the driver means that, with minimum software adjustments, any Acqiris digitizer can be exchanged, replaced or upgraded with the latest high-speed Acqiris digitizer.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the high-speed Acqiris DP1400 digitizer starts at $9,490. Delivery is eight weeks after receipt of order.

Acqiris Digitizers from Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies now offers the Acqiris line of products that includes CompactPCI, PCI, PXI, VXI, VME and OEM digitizers, time-to-digital converters and waveform analyzers with high resolution and high-speed performance.

The Acqiris product line has been designed to provide superior measurement fidelity, minimum power consumption, reduced size and maximum data throughput. It complements Agilent's current product portfolio and strengthens Agilent's synthetic instrument offerings. The combined technology and capabilities of Agilent and Acqiris enhance Agilent's ability to meet the ongoing demand from customers for in-product test and embedded data conversion, accelerating time-to-market and reducing cost.

A podcast on Agilent's continued focus on LXI in conjunction with Acqiris can be heard at wireless.agilent.com/podcast/lxi.html.

More information about the Acqiris product line is available at www.acqiris.com.

About Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is the world's premier measurement company and a technology leader in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis. The company's 19,000 employees serve customers in more than 110 countries. Agilent had net revenue of $5.0 billion in fiscal 2006. Information about Agilent is available on the Web at www.agilent.com.

Further technology, corporate citizenship and executive news is available on the Agilent news site at www.agilent.com/go/news.

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