Digitaltest at Electronica 2006, Booth A1 620

Digitaltest at Electronica 2006, booth A1 620

Stutensee, October 2006 Digitaltest GmbH is using the Electronica show in Munich to demonstrate its range of hardware and software test solutions for electronics manufacturers. Highlights of the show will be the company's innovative testers: Condor Flying Probe system, the MTS300 Sigma and the MTS 180 - all with new features.

Condor 500 Flying Probe System II

Digitaltest will showcase its second generation Flying Prober Condor 500,
the latest addition to its suite of electronic test solutions. Using unique drive technology and linear motors to give high speed and high accuracy in fine pitch applications, the Condor 500 is 30% faster with a 25% price reduction over previous models. Integrated boundary-scan is an option on this new platform. To counter concerns manufacturers have about the damage caused by conventional probe testing techniques, particularly in complex and high-density boards, Digitaltest has introduced its 'Soft Landing' technology on the Condor 500.

MTS 300 SIGMA In-Circuit Tester

New at Electronica - a brand new ergonomic design with a 20° diagonal angle, easy change of adaptors and boards and new high-speed hybrid boards.

The system has been designed by Digitaltest to address the key demands of modern manufacturing test - flexibility, high fault coverage and easy programming.Flexibility is guaranteed by the combination of its modular design and its comprehensive range of test methods. This modular design allows the MTS300 SIGMA to be optimally configured for current needs without limiting the possibilities of future expansion. Future changes to individual test methods, as well as to the configuration of test pins, can be easily performed with the MTS300 SIGMA. The range of test techniques incorporates
analog and digital in-circuit test capabilities, vectorless testing, functional test, boundary-scan (optional) and on-board programming. The system is also one of the fastest machines on the market - its capacity for 1000 measurements/sec making it ideal for high volume applications.

Due to the non-multiplexed system structure, the MTS300 is able to emulate existing test programs and fixtures from other platforms like Aeroflex (Marconi), GenRad, Teradyne, Agilent (HP), and Rohde & Schwarz. This ability to exchange programs and fixtures with other test manufacturers' systems effectively makes the MTS300 a 'neutral platform', which can save both time and money. The tester will be displayed at Electronica 2006 with a new converter, which makes any migration from legacy testers easy. Customers still using ATE equipment designed in the 1970's and 1980's are now facing problems with part obsolence issues and field service support for those outdated systems. The MTS300 presents a method to overcome these problems without wasting previous investment.

The MTS300 can also be integrated into a handling system. The handling system offers enough space for the MTS300 tester rack plus additional space for IEEE or VXI instruments. The press system, driven by a servomotor, allows double-sided fixturing and dual level for both ICT and functional test. Short wire connections guarantee signal integrity and quality.

MTS 180 In-Circuit Tester

At Electronica will also be the first showing of the new one-touch fixture for the
MTS 180, developed by Digitaltest in order to reduce the handling time for fixture exchange.

The MTS 180 is Digitaltest's economical solution for high volume production. Equipped with a Press Down Unit and a combination of analog and hybrid in-circuit test pins, the MTS180 occupies a unique place in the market. Furthermore, the tester can be equipped with functional test modules to provide higher fault coverage and satisfy the test requirements of a vast number of customers. The economics of the tester are not limited to the initial cost. For example, the press-down fixturing solution dramatically reduces the costs of test fixtures. Users can create the most complex fixtures with features such as double-sided board access, OpensCheck probes from both sides, etc. - all at a cost that is far below that of vacuum fixtures. The system can be equipped with up to 1400 analog or 1400 hybrid pins.

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