Digital Sensor System addresses vibration measurements.

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Suited for acoustic and high-frequency vibration measurements, dual channel wideband DSIT-I2A features selectable sample rate to 102.4 kHz and upper frequency range to 46 kHz. Multi-channel, multi-drop data acquisition system utilizes Digital Sensor Interface Transmitter (DSIT) technology to simplify cable routing associated with multi-channel measurements. It performs 24 bit A/D conversion, and ribbon cables carry digital signals to DSS chassis.

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Larson Davis Digital Sensor System (DSS) Extends DSIT Technology To Address Acoustic And High Frequency Vibration Measurements

January 9, 2004, Provo, UT - The Larson Davis DSS multi-channel, multi-drop, high-speed data acquisition system utilizes the revolutionary DSIT (Digital Sensor Interface Transmitter) technology to greatly simplify cable routing and substantially reduce cabling costs associated with multi-channel measurements. This is accomplished by performing 24 bit A/D conversion, using DSITs placed near the transducers, and low cost ribbon cables to carry the digital signals to the DSS chassis. For modal analysis measurements, setup/teardown time can be reduced by as much as 75%.

Up until now, application of the DSIT technology has been limited to low frequency applications such as structural dynamic measurements due to the 2 kHz upper frequency limits of the DSIT-I1A (single axis) and the DSIT-I3A (three channel) DSITs.

With the release of the wideband DSIT-I2A (dual channel) DSIT, featuring a selectable sample rate up to 102.4 kHz and an upper frequency range up to 46 kHz, this technology can now be utilized for acoustic and high frequency vibration measurements. The DSIT-I2A supplies the 2.5 mA current to power two ICP® powered microphone preamplifiers or accelerometers.

This new addition to the Larson Davis family of DSITs will allow DSS users to implement the measurements associated with applications such as acoustic holography and sound power determination based on sound pressure level measurements, and benefit from the resulting cost savings and cabling simplifications.

For more information, contact the Acoustic Test Products division of Larson Davis, Inc., toll free at 888-258-3222 (U.S. and Canada) or 801-375-0177; fax at 801 375-0182, e-mail:; or visit the Larson Davis web site at

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