Digital Multimeters offer nonelectrical contact testing function.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring IEC61010 600V CAT IV rating, Models 5231 and 5233 provide volt, ohm, continuity, and diode functions. Model 5233 additionally offers capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, and ammeter functions. Using current clamp accessory, Model 5231 performs AC/DC direct reading current measurements up to 600 A, while Model 5233 can measure up to 10 A directly and can measure temperature in °C or °F using K-type thermocouples. With NCV function, units can detect live electrical circuits.

Original Press Release:

AEMC® Introduces the NEW Digital Multimeter Models 5231 & 5233

The Multimeter Models 5231 and 5233 are rugged, economical TRMS digital multimeters with a nonelectrical contact testing (NCV) function for detecting live electrical circuits (the display turns red). These multimeters are designed for safety: IEC61010 600V CAT IV. The Models 5231 and 5233 provide a Volt, Ohm, Continuity and Diode function. The Model 5233 also has a Capacitance, Frequency, Duty Cycle and Ammeter function. They both include an AC voltmeter function with low input impedance that is capable of finding ghost voltages by adding a burden to the circuit. The Model 5231 performs AC/DC direct reading current measurements up to 600A with a current clamp accessory plugged in, while the Model 5233 can measure up to 10A directly and can measure temperature in both °C or °F using K-type thermocouples.

The rotary function switch provides two OFF positions (OFF and OFF NCV). While in the OFF NCV position, the display will turn red if placed close to a live cable, providing a safe and easy way to detect hot wires.

These meters have a high sensitivity with a resolution of 0.01mV and can withstand overloads up to 8000V.

These multimeters are ideal for electrical installers, electricians and heating or air-conditioning specialists.


· Non-electrical contact detection of network voltage
(NCV Function)

· High sensitivity with a resolution of 0.01mV

· AC voltmeter with low input impedance for detecting ghost voltages

· AC/DC voltmeter with high input impedance (voltage measurements for electronics)

· Ohmmeter, Continuity test with buzzer and Diode test functions

· Capacitance, Frequency and Duty Cycle measurements (Model 5233)

· Ammeter (measurement using clamp-on current probes - Model 5231)

· Withstands overloads up to 8000V

· VLowZ function detects the presence of ghost voltage by placing a burden on the circuit

· Multi-position mounting for a hands-free work

· IEC/EN 61010-1, 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV

Cat. #2125.64 - Model 5231.....................Price: $79

(TRMS, 6000-cts, V, AC/DC, OHM, CT, NCV)

Cat. #2125.65 - Model 5233.....................Price: $99

(TRMS, 6000-cts, V, A, AC/DC, CAP, OHM, T, NCV)


· General purpose testing

· Detect loose electrical wiring

· Detect live circuits

· Temperature checking (Model 5233

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