Digital Gauge measures coating thickness.

Press Release Summary:

MikroTest(R) Banana Gauge uses magnetic attraction principle with permanent magnet to make measurements in 2 seconds. It has digital display, 1-hand operation, and does not require calibration. Display can switch from mils to microns, and has audible and light indicator. Readings are activated at touch of button.

Original Press Release:

Mikrotest Digital Banana Gage

* Digital display
* No calibration required
* Electronically controlled readings.
* One hand operation
* Faster readings...less than 2 seconds
* Audible & Light indicator
* Unmatched resolution
* Switchable mils/microns
* improved accuracy and repeatability

Digital Display
readings are digitally displayed which means no more reading interpretation disputes

Improved Accuracy
while the MikroTest(R) Digital utilizes the magnetic attraction principle, measurements are controlled with a patented electronic technique which produces greater accuracy

Higher Resolution
with electronically controlled readings and digital display, the MikroTest(R) Digital provides unmatched resolution previously unattainable with gages using Magnetic Attraction

Faster Readings
readings are activated at a touch of a button and not at the turn of a wheel, readings literally take less than 2 seconds.

No Calibration Required
because the MikroTest(R) Digital utilizes the Magnetic Attraction principle with a permanent magnet, factory settings assure accurate repeatable readings

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