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Digital Controller controls air curtain operation.

Press Release Summary:

Sep 14, 2009 - In addition to temperature/fan speed control, Intelliswitch 2(TM) provides programming and diagnostics capabilities. All functions are supported by microprocessor that features 16 MHz clock speed, 64 kb program memory, 4 kb RAM, and analog/digital conversion. Operating switch, timer/delay, thermostat, and 10-speed fan control are all built-in. Measuring 4 3/8 x 4 1/8 in., RoHS-compliant controller operates with Maxair and Zephyr air curtain models.

Berner International Corp. - Air Curtains/Air Doors - New Castle, PA

Original Press Release

Berner Intl' Introduces HVAC Industry's Most Green and Advanced Air Curtain Controller

Press release date: Sep 08, 2009

New Castle, Pa.-Berner International Corp. (BIC), a leading U.S. manufacturer of air curtains, has introduced the Intelliswitch 2(TM), the HVAC industry's most state-of-the-art, green and user-friendly digital controller that is patented and designed exclusively for air curtain operation in commercial occupied spaces.

The Intelliswitch 2 takes the user beyond the straightforward temperature/fan speed control of its predecessor, Intelliswitch 1 by adding user-friendly programming and diagnostics capabilities. All functions are supported by a powerful microprocessor that features 16MHz clock speed, 64kb of program memory, 4 kb of RAM and precisely accurate analog/digital conversion.

Unlike current industry air curtain control offerings, the Intelliswitch 2 needs no integration of external peripherals because its operating switch, timer/delay, thermostat, 10-speed fan control and other essential components are all built-in.

The Intelliswitch 2 is also the greenest air curtain controller in the industry because of:
o Compliancy with Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)-- no lead use in coatings or solder connections.
o Availability of three standard default settings with the alternative of custom-programmed/saved entries for pinpoint control of variable volume, velocity, temperature and timing-a perfect solution for seasonal environmental control.
o Flexibility of a 10-speed fan to use the least amount of energy for offsetting any external wind speed or boosting employee comfort versus the previous industry standard of simple on/off switching.
o Capability of efficiently running the optional on-board electric heater or hot water/steam coil as supplemental heating during open door periods or as area spot heating when the door is closed via the Intelliswitch 2's programming capabilities.

The Intelliswitch 2's unique diagnostics utility displays and monitors the air curtain's operating temperatures, motor rpm, supply voltage frequency, door switch status, and other operating parameters, but also flashes error code messages for user-friendly troubleshooting. The Intelliswitch 2 is also supported by Berner's technical support during business hours and an online 24/7 FAQ and troubleshooting page at

The Intelliswitch 2 is factory-programmed/interfaced to operate with Berner's renowned Maxair and Zephyr air curtain models. "We plan to someday include the Intelliswitch 2 as an option on our entire line of commercial air curtain products," said Michael Coscarelli, national sales manager, Berner International.

The 4-3/8 (h) x 4-1/8 (w)-inches control comes factory-installed in an air curtain or its faceplate display can be remotely wall-mounted-both methods which allow easy accessibility for maintenance via the Intelliswitch 2's low-voltage flexible and extendable cable connection. An optional handheld remote control is also available. Certain functions can also be linked to any facility building automation system protocol.

About Berner: Berner International Corp. is a 53-year-old manufacturer and a leader in the air door/air curtain equipment manufacturing industry. BIC is a member of the U.S. Green Building Association (USGBC), The Green Building Alliance (GBA), the Air Movement & Control Association (AMCA), the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and also a certified Women's Business Enterprise National Council member (WBENC). For more information on BIC and its products, please call (724)-658-3551 x416 or visit