Digital Color Camera suits scientific imaging applications.

Press Release Summary:

Providing full color detection at every pixel location, OPUS I is compatible with C-mount optics and comes with visible bandpass window or provisions for interchangeable window. Electronic zoom and photocopy color imaging are made possible by Foveon X3® Pro 10M Direct Image CMOS Sensor. Along with single shot and auto continuous modes, plug-and-play camera features 10.2 million pixels in 2,268 x 1,512 x 3 layer matrix with 9.12 micron square pitch.

Original Press Release:

OPUS I Digital Color Camera Offers a Breakthrough in Digital Color Imaging for Microscopy and Scientific Applications

July 5, 2005 - Tucson, AZ - Optic Valley Photonics, Inc is please to announce the release of its OPUS I Digital Color Camera. The OPUS I features "electronic zoom" and brilliant photocopy color imaging made possible by the Foveon X3® Pro 10M Direct Image CMOS Sensor. This new 3-layered technology produces high resolution with no RGB spatial sampling "holes" in a large 1-inch diagonal chip. By providing full color detection at every pixel location, the OPUS I offers true color images free of the artifacts which are generated by traditional sensors with color filter arrays. The camera also features a USB 2.0 interface that gives "plug and play" ease of use.

The OPUS I features 14-bit A/D, still or video mode, real-time color processing, and an USB 2.0 interface. The OPUS I comes standard with a visible bandpass window, or can be ordered with provisions for an interchangeable window. Compatible with a wide range of C-mount optics, the OPUS I is well-matched for a number of applications requiring high quality industrial, medical and scientific color images.

Features of the OPUS I camera include:

· 10.2 million pixels in a 2268 x 1512 x 3 layer matrix with a 9.12 micron square pitch, each responsive to full color spectrum (every pixel samples RGB). This gives full spatial sampling and uses all light energy that is not possible with color filter mosaic sensors.

· USB 2.0 interface enabling "plug and play" compatibility. No frame grabber required!

· Camera control/ imaging software that is intuitive and user friendly.

· Single shot and auto continuous modes allow for 30 fps while binned.

· Small size - 93.7 x 93.7 x 48.5 mm including C-mount adapter.

The OPUS I is manufactured by Optic Valley Photonics, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona. For more information, please visit us on the web at

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