Digital Battery Hydrometer/Tester features Bluetooth data logging.

Press Release Summary:

Within 3 sec, SBS-2003 converts refractive index of few drops of sulfuric acid (H2S04) drawn through tube into temperature-compensated specific gravity and then displays specific gravity, temperature, and cell count. Operation requires user to insert nozzle into battery and depress finger pump. Able to store results for future download via Bluetooth®, tester  also features field-replaceable spare parts and is compatible with all versions of Windows® and Office®.

Original Press Release:

SBS-2003 Digital Battery Hydrometer & Tester with Bluetooth Data Logging

Menomonee Falls, Wi. – Storage Battery Systems, LLC (SBS), an industry leader in Power Solutions™ for stored energy in industrial, utility, stationary, and battery testing equipment, is pleased to release the newly redesigned SBS-2003 Digital Battery Hydrometer & Tester with Bluetooth Data Logging.

Specific gravity testing has never been this easy. Simply insert the nozzle into the battery and depress the finger pump which draws a few drops of sulfuric acid (H2S04) through the tube. Within three seconds the measured refractive index is converted into a temperature compensated specific gravity reading and then the specific gravity, temperature and cell count are displayed.

The SBS-2003 has the added benefit of storing the results for future download via Bluetooth.

Combining a light weight and durable design with a low initial purchase price, easy maintenance, field-replaceable spare parts and a large data storage memory, the SBS-2003 is suitable for use in all industrial environments from Data Centers to Utility Substations.

No more need to write down hundreds of readings and type them into reports or spreadsheets once you are off of the job site.

The new SBS-2003 hydrometer is compatible with all versions of Windows and Office. It is Windows 8 Compatible.

Applications / Industries:

• Battery

• Petroleum

• Food

Field studies show time savings of at least 5 times (500%) using a digital hydrometer over a standard glass hydrometer and thermometer.

If you spend 15 minutes testing specific gravities every month in 20 sites, this total, 15 minutes x 20 sites x 12 months per year = 3,600 minutes divided by 60 = 60 hours.

Since we can reduce this time 500%, 60 divided by 5 = 12 hours total time with the SBS-2002.

That’s a 48 hour savings per year per employee; 48 hours x $39.00 labor cost with benefits = $1,872.00 of savings per year, per employee.

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