Digital Audio Baluns correct imbalanced signals.

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Once plugged into wiring system, Rebalancer™ (PA819) eliminates hums and buzzes heard while listening to media through high-end audio equipment. Design features MXLR at one end and FXLR at other, and either end can be used as input or output. Functionality immediately corrects imbalanced signals responsible for aforementioned audio problems. Once installed, passive product remains permanent part of audio system.

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ETS Offers Updated Line of Digital Audio Baluns

Analog or Digital Audio Rebalancer™ (PA819)

Often, it’s the small things in life that drive us crazy, like the high-pitched whine of a mosquito as you are falling asleep. (Actually, I think this is the only time they make noise). Then there are the hums and buzzes you hear as you are listening to your favorite piece of music that are a part of your new high-end audio installation. Neither is a good situation and both could have been avoided from the outset by simply including an ETS Rebalancer™ in your installation. With a MXLR at one end and a FXLR at the other end and either end being used as the input or output, the Rebalancer™ is installed by simply plugged it into your wiring system.

We at ETS like to solve even the “little” things for you. We’ve done this by designing and manufacturing the ETS Rebalancer™ (PA819). Noises are usually due to a slightly imbalanced signal. If an imbalanced signal is at fault, the Rebalancer™ resolves it. Plug it in and in most cases these problems disappear.

The hum or buzz is typically created by an unbalanced signal. The ETS Balanced Line technology inside the Rebalancer™ corrects the imbalance, giving you a newly-balanced signal (and thereby a clear sounding signal absent hum or buzz).  Although digital devices are less prone to hum and buzz, noise problems can occur in digital devices. The Rebalancer™ easily handles those digital audio signals.

So how are your hum/buzz audio system problems resolved? By simply changing your unbalanced signal into a balanced one. The hum and buzz disappear, yielding true balanced-line performance. Once installed, the passive Rebalancer™ remains a permanent part of your audio system. Result: your noise problem is resolved, and all for less than sixty dollars!

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