Digimar® Height Gage from Mahr Federal Outpaces CMM for Quality Inspection

PROVIDENCE, RI -- Gerhardt Gear, a 54 person operation in Burbank, CA, has
been known for their specialty gear work since 1982. General Manager John
Kim says the company had been using a large CMM for many of their
dimensional measurements until about a year ago when it was "basically
replaced" by a CX1 Digimar® Height Gage from Mahr Federal.

The Digimar CX1 is part of a family of motorized, programmable height
measuring systems which offer a combination of features and performance
previously available only in higher priced equipment. The line is well
suited for both gage lab and production measurement use.

"We're very pleased with the Digimar," said John Kim. "It's very simple to
use, very simple to program, and much quicker to program than the CMM." But
the real advantage of the Digimar Height Gage is its speed of measurement.
John says Gerhardt Gear uses the CX1 in its lab for a wide range of
measurements--including IDs/ODs, linear measurements and positions, and
center to center distances--and that "it has cut our inspection time just
about in half."

John cited one example where it took the CMM nearly twenty minutes to
perform a certain measurement. "The Digimar did the same measurement in less
than a minute," he said.

All Digimar Height Gages from Mahr Federal feature fully motorized measuring
slides that minimize operator influence on part probing for greater
measurement precision and repeatability. Key measuring functions can be
executed with a single press of a button; and readily programmable measuring
routines make it possible to sample batches of mass produced parts quickly
and easily.

Numerous measuring and evaluation functions include the measurement of
planes, grooves, bores and shafts, and the calculation of distances and
symmetries. Max-Min measurements are also supported, as are perpendicularity
measurements in conjunction with a digital dial indicator. Canned routines
for basic features and simple teach & learn techniques make it easy to
program the CX1 for a wide range of measurement tasks.

Gerhardt Gear likes the Digimar so much it is considering another one for
the shop floor, John said. "Operators aren't as kind to equipment as the
folks in the lab, but we think the Digimar is rugged enough and is so easy
to operate that it will do just fine. And because every measurement is
programmable, it will really help with our in-process inspection."

Mahr Federal, a member of the Mahr Group, is known worldwide for its
expertise in providing dimensional measurement solutions. The ISO
9001:2000-certified company manufactures and markets a wide variety of
dimensional metrology products, and is headquartered in Providence, RI.

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