Differential Pressure Gauges target cryogenic applications.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for mobile and stationary tank applications, Model 105/106 features multiple diaphragm/bellows design, which provides direct-acting, low range differential pressure indication from 0-10 to 0-400 in. H2O. Dry gauge design means there is no internal liquid fill, preventing leaking or fouling of tank system. Units have engineered plastic gauge fronts with stainless steel body bolts for corrosion resistance in mobile and salt air environments.

Original Press Release:

Differential Pressure Gauges for Cryogenic Applications on Mobile & Stationary Tanks

Mid-West Instruments, a leader in differential gauges introduces cryogenic level indication gauges for both over-the-road and stationary tank applications. Model 105/106 multiple diaphragm/bellows design provides a simple, compact accurate direct-acting, low range differential pressure indicator. Low range is 0-10" H2O to 0-400" H2O (25 mbar to 1 bar)

The special dry gauge design of the 105/106 means there is no internal liquid fill. This prevents any leaking or fouling of the tank system and no damage or accuracy problems caused by liquid fill expansion when exposed to temperature shocks in cryogenic applications.

The gauge weight is lowered by up to 30 lbs which means they are much easier to install and it allows more product to be transported in mobile trailers. The gauges are ruggedly designed with gauge fronts of "engineered plastic," plus, stainless steel body bolts to be corrosion resistant in over-the-road, and salt air environments. The low range capability is ideal for liquid Helium applications for either horizontal or vertical tanks. Mid-West has one of the shortest lead times in the industry which helps lower inventory requirements and a 5 year best-in-the-industry warranty.

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