Dietrich's UltraSTEEL® Framing Receives Key Code Endorsements

Facility Conversion to 100 Percent UltraSTEEL® Production on Schedule

COLUMBUS, Ohio-- Dietrich Metal Framing recently obtained three key code endorsements for its UltraSTEEL® Framing product.

UltraSTEEL® is an internationally patented process that alters the characteristics of the base strip steel, providing higher strength capacity from lighter gauge material. The process effectively work-hardens the steel and increases the effective thickness of the material. The result is a product that offers better acoustical performance, improved fire resistance, faster and easier installation, improved safety and better finish quality at the same price as traditional metal stud framing.

Details on the code endorsements are as follows:

UltraSTEEL® received approval from the International Code Conference Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) in Report ESR-1977 certifying that it is a compliant building product and is approved for construction use even when not specifically named in existing codes. ICC-ES reports are accepted by almost every code jurisdiction in the United States.

American Society for Testing and Materials International adjusted the language in standard C645, the "Standard Specification for Nonstructural Steel Framing Members". The new language now verifies UltraSTEEL® complies with the specification and is not required to meet the 0.0179" minimum thickness that all generic studs must meet.

UltraSTEEL® received approval from Architectural Testing, Inc. in Code Compliance Research Report CCRR 0109 certifying that it is a compliant building product and is approved for construction use even when not specifically named in existing codes.
The company succeeded in receiving the approvals as UltraSTEEL® nears the completion of a nationwide rollout; with all Dietrich U.S. facilities converting 100 percent of the drywall product line to UltraSTEEL® production by May.

"Obtaining these endorsements is a key step in completing the successful rollout of UltraSTEEL®," said John P. McConnell, Chairman and CEO of Worthington Industries.

"These approvals, combined with positive feedback from builders and architects who have already used the product, position UltraSTEEL® for immediate and long-term success."

The benefits of building with steel materials, especially UltraSTEEL®, are numerous. Steel is roll-formed into precise, uniform shapes with exacting tolerances for consistent material quality. Steel studs are straight. They don't warp, twist, bow, split or have a knot, which means straight walls and square corners. Additionally, steel does not rot, promote mold or mildew and is impermeable to termites, vermin and insects.

About Dietrich Metal Framing

Dietrich Metal Framing, a Worthington Industries Company, is the leading manufacturer of light-gauge framing and finishing products, systems and services for commercial and residential construction. Dietrich offers the largest selection of cold-formed steel framing and drywall finishing products including drywall and structural metal stud framing, contour flexible track framing, floor joists, roof trusses, metal lath, fire-rated assemblies including h-stud for area separation and CT studs for shaft walls. Dietrich also offers one of the largest selection of clips and connectors, numerous deflection systems including slotted slip track (SLP-TRK) and an extensive line of metal, vinyl and paper-faced corner beads and trims. Dietrich products include a full line of expanded metal veneer, plaster and stucco beads and trims including expansion and control joints.

About Worthington Industries

Worthington Industries (NYSE:WOR) is a leading diversified metal processing company with annual sales of approximately $3 billion. The Columbus, Ohio, based company is North America's premier value-added steel processor and a leader in manufactured metal products such as metal framing, metal ceiling grid systems, pressure cylinders, automotive past model service stamping and laser welded blanks. Worthington Industries and its subsidiaries employ more than 8,000 people and operate 63 facilities in 10 countries.

Founded in 1955, the company operates under a long-standing corporate philosophy rooted in the golden rule, with earning money for its shareholders as the first corporate goal. This philosophy, an unwavering commitment to the customer, and one of the strongest employee/employer partnerships in American industry serve as the company's foundation.


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