Diesel Scissor Lift incorporates 23 ft long Supa-Deck.

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With 37 ft working height, Model LX31 provides over 23 feet of internal deck length via twin deck extensions. It facilitates handling and installation of cladding sheets and other construction materials such as glazing, curtain walling, H and V ducts, and steelwork. With 131.3 ft² platform workspace and load capacity rated at 1,764 lbs, model LX31 with Supa-Deck accommodates operatives and equipment.

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Supa Productivity from Supa Long Deck

The LX31 37 ft. working height diesel scissor featuring the 23 ft.+ long Supa-Deck is a new model in UpRight's heavy duty LX range. The Supa-Deck provides over 23 feet of internal deck length, via twin deck extensions, to facilitate the handling and installation of large cladding sheets and other bulky construction materials such as glazing, curtain walling, H&V ducts and steelwork. The LX31 is the only 37 ft. working height scissor to offer this length of deck.

High load capacity
High load capacity of almost 1764 lbs. adds even greater value to 131.3 square feet of platform workspace. The Supa-Deck will comfortably accommodate a small team of operatives plus equipment, allowing ideal manpower on a 37 ft. working height platform for more efficient installation of large cladding panels, roofing sheets, glazing units, ducting etc.

The Supa-Deck is available on all models in the LX range, that is, the LX41 (47 ft. working height) and LX50 (56 ft. working height). LX scissors now come with a choice of 3 deck sizes. The standard LX deck is 13 ft. long, extending to almost 16.4 ft. with the 3 ft. single roll-out deck extended. The standard dual deck option, with twin roll-out decks, provides 19 ft. deck length, while the new Supa-Deck, extending over 23 ft., is 20% longer.

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