Diesel Fuel Purifier helps prevent engine failure.

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Available in sizes from 3-8 in. diameter for engines from 20-2,500 hp, Diesel Fuel Purifier removes 100% of visible water and over 95% of natural contaminants found in diesel fuel without use of replaceable, changeable, or cleanable filter elements. Instead, unit uses inertia, surface area, and residence time to separate water and contaminants from fuel. Acting as inert filler, spherical ceramic media increases surface area, which aids in water and large solids separation.

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Diesel Fuel Purifier Reduces Costly Repairs

Engine failures due to poor fuel quality are NOT covered by any warranty.

Understand that most fuel has some amount of water in it. It only takes one drop not a gallon to cause a costly problem.

The fuel in your tank has been passed through as many as 5 distributors before it ends up with you to find the problem with it. Ask yourself, who is guaranteeing that there is ZERO water in the fuel? Everyone that touches it will pass the buck to you for final responsibility.

The Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering has developed a "Fuel Purifier" that removes 100% of the visible water and over 95% of the natural contaminates found in diesel fuel. This is all done without the use of replaceable, changeable or cleanable filter elements. There are no moving parts, except the fuel inside the purifier. There are no elements to clean and dispose of, only purging the water and particulates.

Inertia, surface area and residence time is the key in the Dieselcraft Purifier to separate the water and contaminants from the fuel. Dieselcraft systems use a layer of proprietary spherical ceramic media to increase surface area that aids in the water and large solids separation. This media is not intended to act as a filter but an inert filler to increase surface area. By increasing surface contact area with the fuel and water mix, water droplets come together to become larger and heavier where gravity can pull them to the bottom of the purifier. The impurities accumulate at the bottom of the purifier and remain there until the drain is manually opened. The clean fuel continues on into the fuel system.

The length of each unit is engineered to give the maximum residence time for the horse power or flow rate. Stand units are available but in the case of continuous and heavy water problems we can very simply calculate the best length for any application. Given the space bigger and or longer is always better.

Dieselcraft models range from 3" dia to 8" dia can handle engines from 20 HP to 2500 HP

The purifier is fitted with a sensor port. An optional water sensor is available that will indicate the presence of water in the system and tell the operator to drain the purifier.

For further product information see the Dieselcraft web page at: www.dieselcraft.com or contact

Dieselcraft is currently seeking dealers and sales reps in many areas.
They should contact John T. Nightingale, Sales Manager at 1-530-823-7075 or sales@dieselcraft.com

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