Dielectric Ink is resistant to heat and humidity.

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Designed as crossover dielectric, PF-455 UV curable dielectric ink maintains electrical continuity through environmental testing and humid conditions. Adhesion characteristics do not degrade when product is exposed to heat and humidity. Translucent green material features viscosity of 13,500 cps, dielectric strength of 2,500-3,000 V at 1 mil, and cures at 0.3-0.6 J/cm² at 1 mil thickness. It is suited for membrane switches, medical devices, and other printed circuitry.

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What is PF-455 PF-455 is a humidity resistant UV curable dielectric ink designed as a crossover dielectric. This superior product will maintain electrical continuity through environmental testing and humid conditions. The excellent adhesion characteristics of PF-455 do not degrade when exposed to heat and humidity. PF-455 Compared to Other Inks PF-455 provides better humidity resistance than Electrodag® 452SS. The improved humidity resistance has lessened the flexibility of the PF-455, this material and may not be suitable for all flex tail applications. PF-455 has been found to be fully compatible with Electrodag 452SS UV curable dielectric, and Acheson silver conductors Electrodag 479SS and Electrodag 725A. Features Color: Translucent Green Viscosity: 13,500 cps Dielectric Strength: 2500-3000 volts @ 1mil Cure: 0.3-0.6 Joules/cm2 @ 1mil thick [UV Energy measured with an EIT Radiometer] Typical Applications PF-455 is a superior crossover dielectric for applications that require a humidity resistant material. Membrane Switches, medical devices, and other printed circuitry will benefit from the use of this new product. PF-455 exhibits excellent performance after humidity testing. The insulating properties of PF-455 are superior to other dielectric materials. PF-455, Electrodag® 452SS, and Dupont 5018 were exposed to the following test conditions: 1.0 mil (25ìm) thick dielectric, 15 minutes immersed, 500-volt load. Each product exhibited equal before immersion results. However, after immersion, PF-455 showed significantly better insulating properties than the other materials. For humidity sensitive applications, PF-455 will out perform other products. This excellent crossover dielectric will protect your circuit applications and provide more reliable performance. Availability PF-455 can be obtained by contacting Acheson Colloids Company Customer Service Department at: 1-800-255-1908 For more information contact your Acheson Colloids Sales Representative

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