Die Sinker can be designed in many configurations.

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Custom built FlexPro Series EDM machines use modular components, allowing customers to design them with specifications and options that match their work. Options include single or dual heads, C-axis and tool changer options, and 50 combinations of XYZ axes travels up to 118 in., as well as 100, 200, or 400 A power supplies. Able to run unattended, machines feature fixed bed holding up to 55,000 lb and cast iron meehanite modules.

Original Press Release:

New ONA Die Sinker Series Uses Components for Custom Design

ONA EDM USA, Addison, IL recently announced the addition of the new FlexPro Series to their product line. This large format automated die-sink EDM machine uses modular components for a design of many configurations, allowing customers to purchase machines with specifications and options that match their work.

The new design allows users to define their needs to get a custom piece of equipment at the same cost as a standard machine. Because of the flexibility that the component parts offer it has the same lead time as standard units, cutting delivery time by as much as 70% over custom products.

Developed by ONA Electro-Erosion a leading EDM manufacturer with over 50 years expertise in the EDM marketplace this new die-sink EDM has many components that allow the customer to choose the final configuration. Features of the FlexPro Series include:

o Single or dual heads.
o C-axis and tool changer options.
o 50 combinations of X-Y-Z axes travels, up to 118 inches.
o User can select tank size for specific application.
o Fixed Bed holds up to 55,000 pounds.
o Cast iron meehanite modules, highly rigid for accuracy and repeatability.
o Easy to program, uses strategy-based software.
o Power supplies available in 100, 200 or 400 amps.

As with all ONA EDM machines, the new FlexPro can run unattended with confidence, even with difficult part geometry and deep groves. It also provides the fast, precise surface finish expected in the marketplace.

For additional information about the new FlexPro series contact:

Joseph (Joe) Ballek, President
Suite K
1433 West Fullerton Ave.
Addison, IL 60101
Phone: 630-268-1635
Fax: 630-268-2656
Web: www.onaedm.com
E-mail: info@onaedm.com

ONA EDM USA is a subsidiary of ONA Electro-Erosion, S.A. Durango, Spain. Founded in Spain in 1952, ONA was the first EDM manufacturer in Europe. A producer of large-scale EDM Machinery, ONA has over 14,000 machines installed worldwide. Servicing its installed base with highly trained engineers and technicians, ONA provides manufacturing solutions and after market support. Its success is directly attributed to its ongoing reinvestment in research and development, continually updating the technology and performance of ONA products.

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