Did You Know that ELT, Inc. Offers a Stocking Program for Expendable Tools? (Wiper Dies and Mandrels)

Here's how our typical program works:

We estimate what your yearly usage will be. Let's assume that you anticipate using 60 wiper dies in a year's time. This means you should use 60/10 (10 months which is a little buffer) or 6 wiper dies per month. We would set the min/max quantities at 6/12. The customer would either authorize this program using a letter of intent or they would issue a purchase order if they prefer. We normally suggest that when a new part number is entered into a stocking program, it is valid for (2) years. The customer can order any minimum quantity that they need. This reduces cash out lay, which is always a good thing in business. And there is no lead time because they are in stock. The only draw back for the customer is that if the wiper die becomes obsolete for them and they don't have any usage for the validation period they are responsible to purchase the items in stock. (Up to the max. authorized.)

We are offering a special discount of 5% for any new stocking programs initiated through November this year.

We would really appreciate the opportunity to review your bending or end forming tooling or equipment requirements. Please contact us at 800.254.8665. Or visit our web site at www.elttooling.com.

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