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Computer Monitor Placement (College Point, NY).

Did you know …. that computer monitor placement is a misunderstood area of ergonomic workstation configuration?

Did you know …. that Visual Accommodation, used for focusing, changes the shape of the lens of the viewer's eye for different viewing distances? For most people, reading is easiest when looking down, rather than when looking ahead or up.

Did you know …. that Visual Convergence is the physical rotation of the eyes inward, toward the nose, so that both eyes focus the image at the same location on their retinas? As in reading, most people find it easier to view an object placed below eye level rather than above.

That is why it is recommended to position the computer monitor display area form 0° to 60° below the viewer's eye level.

At AFC Industries, Inc. we take ergonomics seriously and create solutions that increase productivity while maintaining an effective and efficient workplace. Our latest solution is the ErgoTier TS, an electronic sit to stand work station with the following features you'll need for optimum work and viewing requirements:

• Electronic adjustment of work surface height from 28" to 47" from the floor.

• Independently, electronic height adjustable monitor shelf with a 12" upward stroke.

• Shelf consists of a metal frame with a back edge safety lip, a laminated wood surface with T Molding for rigidity and room for the installation of a three outlet power strip,

• Supports monitors of 25 lbs. or more either free-standing or permanently attached.

• The height adjustable work surface with bumper molding is available in several shapes and colors to meet your ergonomic needs.

• Under table mounted CPU holder is 8½"W x 15"D x 19"H.

• Additional metal shelf included for UPS units.

• Flexible wire manager to keep wiring neat and out of the way.

• Up to 20 outlets can be configured throughout the station to provide ready power plugs for many devices.


Since 1994, AFC Industries has been an innovator in the field of medical solutions. From ergonomic, high-quality workstations, carts and racks to complete modular storage systems, the company's product line is crafted for the ultimate in safety, adaptability, comfort and functionality. All products are constructed of the highest quality reinforced steel and may be customized to meet a full range of needs. Noted for its high level of customer service, AFC offers complementary room design analysis, three-dimensional designs, furniture customization and ongoing customer support.

The company supplies furniture to a full range of medical facilities, airports, casinos, police, fire and many other emergency and control monitoring stations. AFC Industries, Inc. is located at 13-16 133 Place, College Point, NY, 800-663-3412. For more information e-mail afcsales@afcindustries.com or visit the Web at www.afcindustries.com. or our Booth #2107 at the 2013 RSNA conference.

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