Diamond Phoenix Announces Breakthrough Order Fulfillment Technology for Footwear and Apparel Industries

LEWISTON, MAINE, DECEMBER 6, 2006 - Diamond Phoenix today announced a new horizontal carousel technology specifically for the footwear and apparel industries. This automated solution, for residual and/or break-pack picking, is the first of its kind and may be implemented for less than half the cost previously thought possible.

The technology is based on a new version of Diamond Phoenix's Horizontal Carousel, which uses the same track and chain, but a much larger bin designed for the bulkier, lighter goods of the apparel and footwear industries. The cost of this carousel system is considerably closer to the cost of static solutions, including shelving and multi-level mezzanines. It can be the single point storage and picking solution for master cartons, split cartons and residuals, which dramatically reduces the overall size of a warehouse or distribution center, avoids the implementation of multiple storage and picking technologies, and greatly reduces labor costs. Because it has been designed specifically for the footwear and apparel industries, users will also see significant improvements in their returns on investment.

Additionally, Diamond Phoenix supplies a software module for wave order configuration that ensures picking system output is balanced against outbound sorter capacity, even in situations using high-speed unit sorters with multiple induction stations.

"This new technology makes carousels a truly viable option for both the footwear and apparel industries. Because it is so economical now for these companies to invest in this technology, we fully expect this to become a standard," said Tom Coyne, Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Phoenix.

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