Diamond<>Furr(TM) Pat. Pend. Achieves ICC ESR-3232

Diamond<>Furr(TM) products have been evaluated by the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC- ES), a division of the International Code Council, and found to meet International Building Code IBC 2009 and 2006 as well as IRC 2009 and 2006. Diamond<>Furr has received ICC ESR-3232. This report provides qualified data used by building departments and agencies to accept Diamond<>Furr(TM) for projects under review.

Problem: Lath installed over moisture barriers to receive three coat plaster in order to be compliant with ASTM 1063 must be fastened to the framing members every 7 inches at maximum spacing. This means on a ten foot long vertical framing member there are at least 21 penetrations in the moisture barrier when using nails or screws to fasten the lath to the substrate. If stables are used, there are 42 penetrations. These penetrations are a leading cause of moisture intrusions into the building envelope, causing billions of dollars in damages annually.

Solution: Diamond<>Furr(TM) reduces the number of penetrations in the moisture barriers by up to 79%. The remaining fasteners pass through a fire rated membrane and are covered by 18 gauge galvanized metal. The Diamond<>Furr(TM) product not only provides a continuous 3/8" furring on the wall but openings every 6 ½ inches for the lath to be attached by 18 gauge wire. This provides a flexible connection to the substrate and the lath never comes into contact with the moisture barriers. Diamond<>Furr(TM) products are a complete system for the entire wall assembly. Plaster stop, weep screed, and drip flange parts not only provide uniform 3/8 inch furring and lath attachment, but flash the termination points with galvanized or stainless steel 2 ½ inches meeting most building code requirements for flashing. The best part is; there are no penetrations in the moisture barriers within 2 ½ inches of any of the termination points.

Diamond<>Furr(TM) products are manufactured by Brand X Metals, Inc. in Anaheim, California. The online catalog is available at www.BrandXMetals.com

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