Dial Depth Gauge can measure depth of engravings/etchings.

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BNS-0100 measures depth of slots, grooves, dents, and depressions in most materials and objects. Depth of measured item is displayed on dial face of gauge in increments of 0.005 in. Suited for industrial use, unit has knife edge base and moveable needle point. Needle point is moved to contact measured item by touch of 1 button at top of gauge. Gauge measures in inches to 0.0005 in. Maximum depth that may be measured is 0.125 in.

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Dial Depth Measuring Gauge

The BNS-0100 dial depth gauge is designed for the accurate measurement of the depth of items such as slots, grooves, dents, depressions, etc. in most types of materials and objects. No special skills are required to use this gauge and the depth of item measured is accurately displayed on the dial face of the gauge in increments of half of one thousandth of an inch (0.005") The gauge is of robust construction for industrial use and has a knife edge base and moveable needle point for easy measuring of depth. The needle point is moved to contact the item being measured by the touch of a button at the top of the gauge. All wear surfaces are hardened for long life. The gauge will measure in inches to 0.0005". The maximum depth that may be measured is 0.125". The gauge is supplied complete with a carrying case. This precision measuring device is ideally suited for demanding industrial and commercial applications where the depth of an item is critical. The gauge is especially useful for measuring the depth of engravings or etchings where the depth is difficult to measure with conventional tools. This gauge can avoid costly errors caused by inadequate depth measurements. Further information and literature on the BNS-0l00 Dial Depth Gauge is available from GEI International, Inc.

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