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Intended for developers looking to maximize mesh networking capabilities of ZigBee standard, XBee Professional Developer's Kit includes 5 OEM RF modules and 5 development boards with RS-232 or USB connectivity. To develop point-to-point wireless communications, XBee-PRO Starter Kit and XBee Starter Kit make it possible to establish RF link in minutes. They include 2 XBee-PRO or 2 XBee modules with integrated wire whip antennas, as well as RS-232 and USB development board.

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MaxStream adds Variety to ZigBee(TM) Development Solutions

LINDON, Utah - February 28, 2006 - Because wireless ZigBee technology is designed for a variety of applications, MaxStream has created three different XBee development kits to meet the diverse needs of OEMs and systems integrators.

The XBee Professional Developer's Kit is MaxStream's premiere solution for developers looking to maximize the forthcoming mesh networking capabilities of the ZigBee standard. The XBee Professional Developer's Kit (starting at $339) includes five OEM RF modules and five enhanced development boards with RS-232 or USB connectivity. The additional push buttons and LED indicators on the redesigned development boards mimic the Freescale Semiconductor(TM) ZigBee development boards, allowing for greater customization and testing. Wireless communication is made possible via the two XBee-PRO modules and the three XBee modules that are included with the XBee Professional Developer's Kit.

For those looking to develop strictly with low-cost, point-to-point wireless communications, the XBee-PRO Starter Kit (starting at $179) and XBee Starter Kit (starting at $129) make it possible to establish a reliable RF link in minutes. Included is either two XBee-PRO or two XBee modules with integrated wire whip antennas, as well as both an RS-232 and USB development board.

"Offering three different ZigBee development kits gives OEMs and systems integrators the ability to scale their development cycle according to the needs of the application," said Brad Walters, President and CEO of MaxStream. "The additional tools included with the new development boards will only speed the design of custom RF networks and ensure reliability for full deployment."

The XBee product family has seen rampant demand since its release less than a year ago. Industrial and commercial applications such as automated metering infrastructure, security motion sensors, and agricultural monitors are just a few of the many applications that have begun to harness the strengths of the XBee product family. The low-cost, low-power features of the XBee family make it ideal for wirelessly communicating critical data in commercial and industrial environments.

All the necessary cables and testing components are included with each of the new development kits and have options for loading 802.15.4, ZigBee or Freescale SMAC software. The three new XBee Development Kits will replace the current XBee Development Kit in March 2006. For more information on pricing and availability, contact MaxStream toll free at 866-765-9885 or email

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