Development Kit comes with C compiler.

Press Release Summary:

Shipped with Integrated Development Environment and assembler, UniVersaKit supports all Goal VERSA product families as well as most industry-standard 8051 microcontrollers. It provides evaluation platform for VERSA mixed-signal and FLASH 8051-based MCU families and comes with programming and debugging software. Board includes voltage regulators, RS-232 transceiver, tact switches, LEDs, I²C-based EEPROM, Piezo buzzer and driver circuitry, and VERSA In-Circuit Programmer.

Original Press Release:

$99 Devkit Supports All Goal Semiconductor Mixed-Signal and MCU Products Plus Industry-Standard 8051s and Ships with C Compiler

Montreal, Monday, January 31, 2005 - Goal Semiconductor today introduced the UniVersaKit (UVK), a new development kit and evaluation system that supports all Goal VERSA product families as well as most industry-standard 8051 microcontrollers and ships complete with IDE (Integrated Development Environment), C compiler and assembler.

The UniVersaKit (UVK) is a complete and comprehensive evaluation platform for the VERSA mixed-signal and low cost FLASH 8051-based MCU families. The UVK integrates the required support circuitry to minimize startup time, accelerate system prototyping and shorten time to market: The board includes voltage regulators (3.3V and 5V), an RS-232 transceiver, DB9 connectors, tact switches for manual reset and interrupt triggering, 8 user LEDs, an I²C-based EEPROM, Piezo buzzer and driver circuitry, chip peripherals and I/O pins that are easily accessible through probe vias and onboard header footprints, character LCD display expansion capabilities and ample prototyping space.

The UVK includes a VERSA ICP (In-Circuit Programmer) for programming and in-circuit debugging of the mixed-signal VERSA devices (VMX1020/VMX1016). The VERSA ICP can also be used for in-system programming in end product production.

Goal's VRS1000/VRS1100 8051 FLASH MCUs can be programmed using the GoalTender Programming Software via a PC connected through a standard serial port.

The UniVersaKit (UVK) development kit ships complete with:

· Development board that supports all VERSA product families

· VERSA ICP with debugging support for VMX1020/VMX1016 devices

· CD-ROM with relevant user guides and software including GoalTender Programming Software and IDE/Compiler/Assembler

· VMX1020 device soldered onto the development board (VMX1016 is available upon request)

· Sample of the VRS1000-PAI40-ISPV2

· Serial cable and power supply

Goal Semiconductor programming and debugging software is provided free with the UniVersaKit (UVK) and updates are frequently posted at

The UniVersaKit (UVK) is available for US $99.

For product information on Goal's mixed-signal and low cost FLASH 8051 microcontrollers and other devices, visit

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