Detergents suit industrial parts washing applications.

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TERGAJET(TM) powder and SOLUJET(TM) liquid detergents are phosphate-free, low-foaming cleaners formulated to remove residues such as oils, organics, adhesives, and solvents that require emulsifying, penetrating, and wetting. Biodegradable, readily disposable, free-rinsing products employ surfactant system that allows them to be used in parts washers, spray washers, and ultrasonic systems. They can also be used in manual and immersion cleaning.

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Alconox Develops Phosphate-Free, Low Foaming, High-Penetration Detergents for Demanding Industrial Parts Washing

WHITE PLAINS, New York (May 6, 2004)-In response to the need for phosphate-free, low-foaming yet high-performance cleaners for parts washing, Alconox, Inc.-a leading formulator and manufacturer of aqueous cleaners-has developed TERGAJET(TM) powder and SOLUJET(TM) liquid detergents.

The result of extensive research and product testing, these new cleaners are not only phosphate-free, biodegradable and readily disposable, they are also free rinsing to provide reliable results without leaving interfering residues.

Unlike simple caustic cleaners TERGAJET and SOLUJET have been formulated to be effective on difficult residues that require emulsifying, penetrating and wetting. The surfactant system employed allows for use in both parts washers, spray washers, ultrasonic systems as well as in manual and immersion cleaning. Their low-foaming, rapid-rinsing characteristics, coupled with heavy-duty performance, make TERGAJET and SOLUJET ideal for a wide range of demanding industrial cleaning applications.

Rapid cleaning and rinsing for a wide range of industrial applications

TERGAJET powder and SOLUJET liquid are expressly formulated to save time in cleaning parts, process lines and manufacturing equipment. They are proven effective on such substrates as glass, stainless steel, Teflon®, ceramics, alkali-resistant plastics, and metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. They can be used to remove all types of residues including oils, organics, resins, adhesives, particulates, salts, oxides, metal complexes, inorganic residues, chemicals and solvents.

TERGAJET and SOLUJET cleaners are concentrated to save money (their synergistic formulations work at concentrations of 1/2% and less) and are available in convenient sizes through a global distribution network of leading industrial suppliers.

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