Detcon Model Series 700 Gas Detection Sensors Receive ATEX Certification & SIL2 Qualification

The Woodlands, Texas - October 11, 2006

Detcon is pleased to announce that the Model 700 series gas detection sensors have received ATEX certification and qualify as SIL2 devices.

The combustible gas and solid-state H2S sensor models are ATEX certified for use in Class I, Zone 1, Group IIB+H2. The ATEX certification for electrochemical toxic gas sensor models covers use in Class I, Zone 1, Group IIC. The ATEX certification allows the sale and installation of the Model 700 series gas detection sensors throughout the European Union.

In addition to ATEX certification, all Model Series 700 sensors have received the CE Mark and are certified by CSA to Canadian and UL explosion proof standards.

The FMEDA testing performed by Exida (a leading authority on SIL Rating Assessments) on the IR-700, FP-700, TP-700 and DM-700 has yielded a Safe Failure Fraction that qualifies these sensors as SIL2 devices in accordance with the IEC61508 standard. The SIL2 qualification allows the installation of the Model 700 sensors in any SIL2 rated system.

Detcon Model Series 700 sensors are a new generation of intelligent gas detection devices that incorporate and integrate several leading edge improvements. This new generation of "environmentally bulletproof" sensors addresses the most critical probability of failure on demand factors. Across all brands more than 90% of all premature gas detection sensor failures are due to water ingress. The remaining 10% of failures can be attributed to corrosion, vibration or circuit damage due to lightning or transient spikes. Detcon Model Series 700 sensors virtually eliminate these critical probability-of-failure factors.

Detcon Model Series 700 Sensors are available utilizing most commercially active technologies including, CHEMFET solid state MOS for H2S, catalytic and infrared for combustible gas, electrochemical cells for a wide range of toxic compounds, 2-electrode air battery sensors for oxygen deficiency and a sub-miniature PID for a wide range of volatile organic compounds.

The Detcon Model Series 700 features standard integration outputs of a linear 4-20 milliamp analog signal, RS-485 MODBUS RTU serial communication and are also available with optional Profibus and HART protocols.

Detcon, Inc. is an ISO 9000 certified, privately held corporation, based in The Woodlands, Texas U.S.A. Detcon manufactures a wide range of innovative and affordable gas detection sensors, electronic control systems and process gas analyzers.

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