Det-Tronics Receives FM Approval for Its Eagle Quantum Premier® Supervising System

System supervises one or more flame and gas detection systems locally or remotely as defined by NFPA72.

Minneapolis, MN (January 3, 2008) - Det-Tronics Corporation (Detector Electronics) today announced that it has received FM approval on its Proprietary Supervising Station System, defined in NFPA 72 2002, for use with the Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) system.

The EQP Supervising System (EQPSS) comprises a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that provides owners with a graphical interface to supervise their facilities' EQP systems. The FM approval for the EQPSS includes EQP systems, Ethernet Switches, PCs, serial-to-Ethernet converters, and copper-to-fiber converters.

"We are pleased to provide our customers with a rigorously tested and proven system that can supervise multiple flame and gas detection systems." says Jim Vogel, Det-Tronics Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.

Det-Tronics has also received FM approval for EQP controller-to-controller networking via SLC485. This enables the EQP controllers to be networked with either class A or B signaling line circuits. The communications can be over either copper or fiber optic (both multi mode and single mode).

NFPA 72 defines a Proprietary Supervising Station System as being a facility/system that provides supervision of one or more fire alarm systems that are located either locally or remotely, under one ownership, at which trained, competent personnel are in constant attendance.

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