Despatch Industries Sees Strong Increase in Orders for Clean Process Benchtop Ovens

Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A. - Despatch Industries, the world's leading thermal processing equipment provider for over one hundred years, reports that the company has seen a strong increase in orders for its LCC clean process benchtop ovens. The orders have come from customers in a variety of industries, including semiconductor, healthcare and electronic components.

"Our recent increase in orders show that customers are taking advantage of the versatility and robustness that the LCC oven offers to meet their many different production and application needs," states Kim Meyer, Despatch Product Manager. "The LCC offers a stackable design with several standard chamber sizes and is available with a host of options to meet our customers' specific processing requirements."

Despatch's line of LCC clean process benchtop ovens features standard HEPA filter, stainless steel interior and exterior and the Protocol Plus(TM) programmable control system. LCC ovens are available in air or nitrogen atmosphere conditions and with maximum temperature capabilities of 260°C (500°F) or 350°C (662°F). Additional oven options include silicone-free construction, an oxygen concentration monitor system, chart recorders and end-of-cycle and high-limit audible and visual alarms. LCC ovens can also be stacked to maximize floor space.

Despatch has specialized in thermal processing for over 100 years and is actively using this technical expertise to provide innovative solutions to critical applications in a broad range of markets and cutting edge technology worldwide. For more information on Despatch, visit our website:

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