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NetInstall provides automated approach that eliminates network congestion and allows network administrators to complete most tasks in 5 mouse clicks or less. It intelligently automates protracted script writing (custom coding) and provides traveling user support, security, and over 140 wizard-driven commands for software distribution and management tasks. Offerings include plug-and-play device installation, Web services-configuration, and global site management.

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NSSI Launched to Deliver Point-and-Click Simplicity and Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) in Hours, Not Months

Global ESD provider with most customers launches U.S. operation at CeBIT, exhibits latest timesaving application to cut costs and serve mid-range enterprise market

NEW YORK, June 18, 2003 - Targeting one of the most expensive ongoing problems in enterprise technology, NetSupport Solutions, Inc. (NSSI) today entered the U.S. market when it unveiled a new version of its point-and-click desktop management software, NetInstall, at CeBIT America. Developed by and for network administrators, NetInstall's automated approach eliminates the weeks of custom coding, network congestion, and off-hours babysitting other products require, at a fraction of their cost. With NetInstall, network administrators can complete most tasks in five mouse clicks or less, slashing Windows desktop management and software distribution time from weeks to hours and cutting costs by as much as 50 percent.

The latest version of NetInstall software hits the electronic software distribution (ESD) market at just the right time. Industry analyst firm IDC predicts software deployment systems spending will jump from nearly $660 million in 2001 to $1.1 billion by 2006 as companies struggle with regular software upgrades as well as constant maintenance and patching demands. NetInstall targets the underserved mid-range enterprise market - companies with 300 to 55,000 desktops - a market bracketed by solutions that are either wildly expensive and complex, or cheap and limited. NetInstall fills the gap by intelligently automating the protracted script writing (custom coding) other applications require, while providing traveling user support, added security and other features competitors don't.

"Rolling out new applications, migrating operating systems, and sending out patches and fixes to more than 1,600 computers is a significant time and resource drain on any enterprise IT staff," said Fred Cosse project manager for the information resources management department at the Dayton (Ohio) Veteran's Administration (VA) Medical Center. "NetInstall automates much of the coding, so what was once an unwieldy task is now very manageable and efficient."

NetInstall's more than 140 easy-to-use, wizard-driven commands streamline software distribution and management tasks. Companies can deploy NetInstall in hours instead of months, and roll out new Windows operating systems or send out software patches with just a few mouse clicks. These advantages explain why NetInstall boasts more customers - 1,600 worldwide - than any other pure-play ESD vendor.

"Technology's increased complexity coupled with the addition of new user devices such as laptops and handheld computers has made distributing software and managing users' software configurations much more involved and costly for enterprises," said Ronni Colville, research director at industry analyst firm Gartner. "Enterprises need tools that automate configuration management to reduce manual homegrown efforts to maintain configuration accuracy across all user platforms."

Simplifying software distribution and desktop management

NetInstall's latest software release gives administrators more control to automate and simplify routine tasks, build more security into desktop management, and manage software more easily throughout its lifecycle than competing products. Some key new features include:

o Plug-and-play device installation - Administrators can remotely install plug-and-play devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) that aren't capable of automatic installation, in a secure environment;

o Web services-configuration - NetInstall has a Web services layer that makes information available from any source in an enterprise during a NetInstall project. NetInstall's Web services automatically provide a new employee access to all necessary applications based on information entered into a database when the employee was hired;

o Global site management - Administrators can use NetInstall's XML-based configuration import and export capabilities to see and manage desktops at remote sites;

o Extended reporting - NetInstall's extended reporting capabilities support both centralized and de-centralized databases (regardless of which database), so chief administrators can generate enterprise-wide activity reports.

These new capabilities complement NetInstall's existing core software strengths that stand apart from competing products. Some of these strengths include:

o Dynamic configuration management - NetInstall automates most routine distribution and management tasks with built-in scripting so administrators need only point and click;

o Tangible ROI - NetInstall delivers a concrete return on investment in months by eliminating the complex scripting and troubleshooting more expensive products require;

o Traveling user support - No other product allows administrators to connect traveling users to the right applications, regardless of the computer they log in from;

o Broad directory service support - NetInstall is the only ESD product that supports both Microsoft's Active Directory and Novell Directory Service, so administrators can easily manage user data, regardless of the directory service the enterprise uses.

A solid European company expands in the U.S.

In 1995, three former employees of chainsaw manufacturer Stihl A.G. decided to apply their network administration expertise to developing software that makes desktop software deployment and management easier. Markus Förster, Stephan Glathe and Stefan Rehberger founded NetSupport GmbH that year, and the company has grown steadily since then. NSSI is launching as the U.S. operation and already lists First USA Bank (now Bank One), Phillips Petroleum, Kohler Co., Oxy Services, Land O' Lakes, Inc., Administaff, Inc., Northern Power and Gas, and global auto parts manufacturer Dana Corporation as customers. Other global enterprises using NetInstall software include Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Roche Pharmaceutical and Novartis.

Chet Sargeant, NSSI's president, draws on nearly two decades of building international businesses while entering new markets to grow NetInstall's customer base and strengthen its market position. A 30-year software industry veteran, Sargeant has held senior-level software sales, marketing and operations management positions with database tool vendor DBMS, business intelligence solution provider Information Builders, mail pre-sort software vendor LPC, and ESD solution provider Swan SA.

"Many of our customers bought NetInstall after spending millions of dollars on products that require a ridiculous amount of custom coding and still don't get the job done," said Sargeant. "NetInstall meets today's software demands for being faster, more affordable and better than any other ESD product. Unlike other products that use complex systems to solve complex ESD problems, NetInstall gives administrators a simple solution to handle all of their software distribution and management needs."

About NSSI

NetSupport Solutions, Inc. (NSSI) sells automated electronic software distribution (ESD) technology that gives enterprises point-and-click control to roll out new Microsoft Windows software and manage desktops faster, easier and more affordably than competing products. NSSI is the U.S. operation of Germany-based NetSupport GmbH, which has 1,600 customers worldwide - more than any other pure-play ESD vendor. For more information, visit the company Web site at

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