Design Kit Lets You Create Prototype Flexible Heaters

Here's an easy way to see if flexible etched thin foil heaters
are right for your application.

Minneapolis, Minn., October 6, 2008-Minco, a designer and manufacturer of critical components for critical applications, has a new Flexible Heaters Prototype Design Kit that lets you easily test and prototype a heater concept before starting on a journey of custom-built-to-order product. Filled with Thermofoil(TM) flexible heaters, instructions and technical data, this kit will help you move towards successfully integrating flexible heaters into your application. See firsthand how thin, lightweight etched foil heaters can eliminate rod, ceramic, coil, or other bulkier heater types in your designs.

The kit includes:

o Commercial Grade Polyimide/ULA Heaters (PDF)

o Polyimide/FEP Heaters (PDF)

o Silicone Rubber Heaters (PDF)

o Thermal-Tab RTD Sensors- 100 ohm platinum (PDF)

o RTV Cement

o Acrylic PSA

o Start-up Guide

o Precautions, Recommendations, and Applications

o Technical Specifications

o RTD Reference Tables

o Engineering Instructions

o White papers

o Next step instructions

The kit can be ordered online or by calling Minco at 763-571-3121. If you would like more information before ordering the kit, you can get a free copy the Flexible Heaters Design Guide.

Complete details on the kit at Flexible Heaters Design Kit details.

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