Desiccant Gel Packs Increases Shelf Life of Food or Pharmaceutical Products

Press Release Summary:

  • Protects electronic products, clothes and shoes from the effect of moisture/humidity
  • Ideal to absorb moisture/water as well as oxygen absorbers are used to absorb oxygen
  • Includes sorbent material shaped as pellets or grains, 1-5 mm in diameter

Original Press Release:

Improving Work Environment Producing Desiccants

Reducing dust with safe, gentle handling of a fragile product.

Hingham, MA – Desiccant gel packs are used to absorb moisture/water (desiccating the surrounding material). The typical function is to protect electronic products, clothes and shoes from the effect of moisture/humidity. Oxygen absorbers are used to absorb oxygen. The typical function is to increase shelf life of food or pharmaceutical products. Inside these gel packs is a sorbent, a material used to absorb liquids or gases. The sorbent is typically shaped as pellets or grains, 1-5 mm in diameter. As an example, sorbents can be found in granular shape in baby diapers.

Vacuum conveying is perfectly suited to manage the challenges of conveying these small, fragile materials. The contained conveying in an enclosed system minimizes dust generation, and consequently minimizes the exposure to the hazardous dust for workers. The need for a small foot print, low building height, and flexibility of routing the pipeline is a perfect match for Piab vacuum conveying solutions.

By automating the currently prevailing manual filling of hoppers, we provide a great opportunity for labor cost savings. Our ability to provide transition pieces, both standard and locally customized, gives us a benefit of providing ready to fit conveying equipment, which provides additional value to the users.

Capacity requirements when feeding the VFFS machines are typically in the several hundred lb/hour range, which means that our smaller conveyors are the most suitable for these applications. For the lowest building height, the piFLOW®p64 is recommended. If the building height is less of an issue, our smaller piFLOW® industrial range of vacuum conveyors can be used.

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