DERMALOG at CeBIT 2012: Fingerprint Login - Getting Rid of Usernames and Passwords

HAMBURG, Germany, - DERMALOG Identification Systems in Hamburg becomes the first manufacturer to provide middleware for its automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS). The middleware is flexible and can be integrated into any software application to enable fingerprint logins making usernames and passwords a thing of the past. The new Software Developer Suite will be presented at this year's CeBIT.

It's the same procedure at every company: staff have to enter their usernames and passwords to log in to the system - multiple times every day. That slows down employees.
The situation also creates numerous time-consuming tasks for IT staff including continually setting up and issuing passwords.

DERMALOG Identification Systems, the largest biometrics manufacturer in Germany, has the solution: a login system based on biometric fingerprints. Using the DERMALOG FingerLogin keyboard or a fingerprint scanner that is connected to the PC with a USB cable, the unique fingerprints of employees become their own secure login credentials. Consequently, fingerprints not only replace passwords, but usernames as well - providing true identification, not just authentication.

Guenther Mull, founder and Managing Director of DERMALOG: "We're proud that our AFIS can easily be integrated into any software application thanks to our new middleware. Because what good is the best encryption technology if the password is kept right beside the PC because no one can remember it? Integrating the login by using a fingerprint that works without a username or password lets us provide any company the ability to protect its data more conveniently, securely, and affordably than is possible with the conventional and irritating usernames and passwords."

The AFIS working in the background is scalable, allowing it accommodate any number of users from just a few to a great many. Once the FingerLogin System has been installed, it can be used for additional applications such as controlling access to doors. Integration into existing software applications is also simple thanks to the included SDKs (available for a wide range of programming languages). The comprehensive Developer Suite reduces the complexity of integrating the FingerLogin considerably. The new middleware can be used for all major Windows and Linux operating systems. Windows Credential Providers that make it possible to log in to Windows 7 (and Windows Vista) using the middleware are also available. "Programmers can now integrate the middleware for our AFIS in an afternoon over a cup of coffee," explained Guenther Mull.

With the help of the new middleware, the private medical practice software Medistar has already successfully integrated DERMALOG AFIS. The software provider has consequently made it possible for users of its software to login biometrically by connecting a DERMALOG scanner - an appropriate level of protection for sensitive medical records.

Drager ICM (Integrated Care Management) also uses the middleware to provide fingerprint login functionality. Staff working in intensive care units, for instance, are able to quickly, easily, and securely log in to the system and view patient records.

Added value goes hand-in-hand with an integrated AFIS from DERMALOG. System integrators and software providers can offer their customers quick, convenient, and cost-saving solutions that provide the utmost security for their data. The time saved when a fingerprint is used for logging in gives customers a return on their investment and frees them from continually issuing new passwords.

The new biometric login procedure is an attractive option for any organization that needs to protect sensitive data including banks, hospitals, physicians' practices, and insurance agencies. Any company that has a user administration system and wants to ensure that only legitimate users are able to log in can profit from the increased security and convenience a DERMALOG FingerLogin System provides - no matter how many users are involved.

At CeBIT 2012, DERMALOG Identification Systems will be located in Hall 12 at Stand B65. Additional information on the new middleware for the DERMALOG AFIS will be available there.

DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, based in Hamburg, is one of the world's leading biometric identification companies and the largest biometrics manufacturer in Germany. The company's team of top scientists and IT experts is continuously developing new and innovative products. The product range includes highly-advanced, biometric border checkpoint identification systems, secure biometric ID cards, and the new FingerPayment system. In addition to Germany and Europe, Dermalog's key markets include Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Dermalog has supplied over 20,000 fingerprint scanners to Germany's national registration offices and immigration authorities for embedding fingerprints in the country's new electronic passports, ID cards, and residency permits. An additional 50,000 fingerprint scanners have been delivered to authorities in over 40 other countries. The company has supplied its AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) and biometric technology for 71 large-scale government installations around the globe. Dermalog is the REWE Group's technical partner for its FingerPayment system, which enables quick, secure payment by fingerprint. Wincor-Nixdorf also uses Dermalog fingerprint scanners in over 1000 of its cash machines worldwide, allowing customers to use a finger instead of insecure PINs. For further information, please visit

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