Deodorizer retrofits to upgrade traditional deodorizers.

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SoftColumn(TM), using as few as 3 additional components, retrofits to existing systems with minimal interruption of production. Able to remove volatiles at lower temperatures, unit uses approximately 110 lb of stripping steam for each ton of final product. Vertical array of plates create thin film of oil from which unwanted compounds are quickly removed, minimizing unwanted reactions.

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SoftColumn(TM) Deodorizer - a Solution for Upgrading Traditional Deodorizers

Alfa Laval's SoftColumn(TM) Deodorizer offers numerous advantages when upgrading traditional deodorizing equipment. Using as few as three additional components, the SoftColumn retrofits existing systems with high-efficiency deodorization technology that removes volatiles at lower temperatures while using smaller amounts of stripping steam than tray deodorizers. This cuts energy costs, improves product quality, reduces odors, and increases capacity. For a price far below a new deodorization plant, the SoftColumn(TM) can be retrofitted to an existing plant with minimal interruption of production, regardless of the make of the plant. The SoftColumn Deodorizer uses only a fraction of the steam required by conventional deodorizers, approximately 110 pounds for each ton of final product. This in turn cuts related costs for fuel, water and manpower, often reducing operating costs by as much as 75 percent. The SoftColumn uses a vertical array of plates to create a thin film of oil from which unwanted compounds are quickly removed. In contrast to conventional deodorizers in which oils boil at high temperatures for more than an hour, SoftColumn's brief treatment minimizes unwanted reactions. The result is improved product taste, smell, color and stability. SoftColumn's efficiency allows plant operators to increase plant capacity. An upgraded system can boost production capacity as much as 80 percent. As it can process any type of process stock, SoftColumn also provides the plant total operational flexibility. Alfa Laval in brief Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineered solutions. Our equipment, systems and services are dedicated to helping customers to optimize the performance of their processes. Time and time again. We help our customers to heat, cool, separate and transport products such as oil, water, chemicals, beverages, foodstuff, starch and pharmaceuticals. Our worldwide organization works closely with customers in almost 100 countries to help them stay ahead. For more information, contact: Jim Willits Alfa Laval Inc. 14455 Langley Court Smithville, MO 64089 Tel: 816 873-3600 e-mail: Distributed by: Joyce Fielding Bergh, PR/Media Alfa Laval Inc. 5400 International Trade Drive Richmond, Virginia 23231 Tel: 804 236-1298 e-mail:

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