Density/Specific Gravity Meters deliver fast, accurate readings.

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Models DA-650/650B/645/645B/640/640B, suited for use in industries requiring measurement of concentration or density, deliver ±2x10-5 g/cm³, ±5x10-5 g/cm³, or ±1x10-4 g/cm³ accuracy. While all models support various options, including density standard liquid, printers, samplers, and data capture software, select models come with viscosity correction. Measurement takes 20 sec and requires 1.0 mL min sample volume. Other features include high-intensity LED, cell window, and LAN/USB connectivity.

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Density/Specific Gravity Meter

JM Science offers the new Density/Specific Gravity Meter. This instrument is great for any industry that requires measurement of concentration or density. The Meter has a very high accuracy of measurement, takes measurement in only 20 seconds and only requires a minimum sample of 1.0mL. The high-intensity LED and cell window ensure high visibility and measurement within the cell. With LAN and USB connectivity, data can be easily saved and transferred to computers. Certain models of the device come equipped with viscosity correction for high-viscosity samples, and all models have a variety of options available including density standard liquid, printers, samplers and data capture software.

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