Delphi Partners with JR Aero Services® to Sell Data Connectivity Systems to Airlines

December 18, 2008

Technology Keeps Travelers Connected While In Flight

Irvine, Calif. - Delphi Connection Systems (DCS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC (Delphi), has entered into an agreement with JR Aero Services® to promote Data Connectivity Systems to the commercial airline and corporate/charter air transportation industries.

DCS provides innovative aircraft connectors and aircraft wiring systems for both aerospace and military markets. DCS engineers and assembles wiring systems, from whole-aircraft solutions to build-to-print harness-and-box assemblies.

DCS provides the means for travelers to stay connected to a broad range of consumer devices-laptops, iPods®, cell phones, video games, flash drives and memory cards-while in flight whether traveling on an airliner or on corporate aircraft. DCS's Data Connectivity Systems' USB connectors, ports, hubs, cabling and accessories can be retrofitted into existing aircraft, customized for completion of corporate aircraft or provided for aircraft in serial production.

JR Aero, an aviation services integrator for commercial air carriers, plus corporate and charter operators, will represent DCS by bringing Connection Systems and Data Connectivity Systems capabilities to the general aviation and aircraft conversion and refit markets, including VIP interiors for corporate and head-of-state conversions.

"Aviation is seeing rapid growth in a number of significant new markets beyond our traditional military and commercial aviation segments, and it is in these channels that JR Aero brings unique expertise and market access," says Steven Willing, DCS/Military and Aerospace General Manager. "From aging aircraft rewiring to engineering and assembly for entirely new aircraft platforms, Delphi Connection Systems is aggressively pursuing these major new business opportunities."

"Airlines are in the same position today that the auto industry was in five years ago, with consumers demanding a means to stay connected," adds Tim Ross, Global Director, Sales & Marketing, Delphi Packard Electrical/Electronic Architecture.

"With DCS's Connectivity Systems," Ross says, "passengers can stay connected, plugging in to listen to music, play video games, watch movies, view images stored on photo cards or work while they're traveling. They can also take advantage of time spent traveling to charge many of these devices."

This is DCS's first time targeting the commercial, corporate and general aviation industry.

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