Delphi Debuts Compliant Pin Technology for Wide-Ranging Automotive Interconnect Applications

Delphi Connection Systems' press-fit, solder-free termination approach allows for numerous performance benefits in Connector-to-PCB mating

WARREN, Ohio, June 19 / -- Delphi Corporation is bringing to market another advancement to the automotive connection systems market, strengthening its already robust product portfolio with the launch of its press-fit compliant pin technology.

A termination approach more widely exhibited in the telecom and aerospace industries, press-fit compliant pins provide a solder-less electrical connection, bringing together a connector component and a printed circuit board (PCB). Delphi Connection Systems has developed press-fit compliant pins that can be integrated into vehicle manufacturers' device interconnect applications and integrated connector/module housings.

In short, a press-fit connection is made between a PCB with a plated through-hole and a connector sporting comparatively oversized compliant pins. Delphi Connection Systems' compliant pin technology is characterized by the eye-of-the-needle design, which was selected due to its performance, reliability, manufacturability and cost attributes.

John McClearn, managing director of Delphi Connection Systems North America, noted that termination through compliant pin utilization allows automotive customers to realize a number of performance benefits, coupling environmental highlights with differentiating quality attributes in a manner that provides greater manufacture and design simplification.

"This technology allows customers a single-point answer for mechanical integration, thus enabling them to focus key resources on their core electronics competency. Mechanical attachment is simplified, and full repair capability is available through the easy exchange of connectors and contacts," said McClearn, adding that Delphi Connection Systems' compliant pins enhance overall flexibility by allowing for double-sided PCB capability.

According to Adam Kemp, Delphi Connection Systems product manager, "Because compliant pins are solder-free and lead-free, they can help OEMs meet key environmental objectives."

"In addition to productivity enhancements, compliant pin products may offer a much better value to our customers faced with increasing capital demands needed for compliance," said Kemp. The elimination of the soldering process may help automakers' efforts to conform to existing and impending regulations, specifically the imperatives to eliminate lead in products and manufacturing systems. Those regulations include the European Union's RoHs, WEEE, and ELV initiatives, among others.

Delphi Connection Systems currently offers select integrated seal modules with both straight- and right-angle header configurations. Future developments include USCAR unsealed compliant pin headers that can serve as drop in replacements for existing soldered applications.

Typical applications for Delphi Connection Systems' press-fit compliant pins technology include the automotive telematics, infotainment, powertrain, and body electronics markets. Specifically, the technology can be integrated into engine, transmission and airbag control modules, antilock brake systems, key fobs, and impact sensors, among others.

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