Delivery Monitoring Software promotes cold chain visibility.

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Suited for food service industry and food retailers, ColdStream(TM) CL - Closed Loop provides complete visibility into closed loop delivery process. RF-enabled solution measures and documents operating compliance, minimizing spoilage during transport. Users receive daily compliance and exception reports - time, temperature, location - indicating where and when anomalies occur. When action needs to be taken, application alerts recipient with appropriate time-out-of-range information.

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Sensitech First to Market Closed Loop Delivery Application for Increased Cold Chain Visibility

Starbucks First to Adopt New RF-Enabled Solution: ColdStream(TM)CL - Closed Loop

BEVERLY, Mass., Oct. 20 -- Sensitech Inc. today announced the availability of a new RF-enabled application -- ColdStream(TM)CL - Closed Loop. Sensitech, a global leader in cold chain visibility solutions, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carrier Corp., which is a business unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

Targeted to food service and food retailers, ColdStream(TM)CL provides complete visibility into a closed loop delivery process to ensure food safety, improve shelf life, and increase the quality of perishables. From an operational and logistics standpoint, ColdStream(TM)CL measures and documents standard operating compliance, reduces quality-related claims, and ensures lower levels of spoilage during the transportation process from distribution centers to restaurants and/or retail stores.

Now, whether a supply chain is linear with single or multiple segments, or closed loop with scheduled depot-based deliveries to multiple locations, Sensitech provides visibility to reveal patterns of process variability that lead to losses in revenue and profitability.

ColdStream(TM)CL is designed to monitor temperatures throughout the entire delivery process: during staging, transit, receiving, and storage. The application is supported by wireless TempTale(R)RF-enabled monitors mounted inside refrigerated delivery vehicles associated with a pre-determined route. The monitors record temperatures throughout the entire route -- including every intermediate stop -- and download the data automatically once the vehicle returns to the originating depot. Customers receive daily compliance and exception reports that include time, temperature and location data indicating where and when anomalies occur. When action needs to be taken, ColdStream(TM)CL alerts the recipient with appropriate time-out-of-range information. These reports are especially important since most closed-loop delivery systems handle fulfillment when the stores are closed and lack qualified on-hand staff to make appropriate accept-reject decisions. With ColdStream(TM)CL reports are waiting for first-to-arrive staff detailing the condition of their overnight deliveries.

Seattle-based Starbucks Coffee Company became the first food retailer to adopt ColdStream(TM)CL.

"At Starbucks, delivering a premier customer experience is our mission," said Dr. Sid Jhaveri, Director of Global Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs of Starbucks Coffee Company, at the annual Institute of Food Technologists meeting in June in Orlando. "As we continue to add fresh food offerings to our portfolio of products, managing the cold chain has become a critical factor in our quality management program. ColdStream(TM)CL - Closed Loop has improved our visibility into our supply chain. We now are able to monitor our processes to ensure optimal efficiencies and continuous improvement, all while reducing the costs associated with gathering and reporting the data."

ColdStream(TM)CL Reporting & Analysis Features
o Sophisticated and secure data management system that supports selective access by profiled characteristics: by location, region, area, or full corporate access
o Custom query support: trips/routes by facility; by date; by store; by driver
o Summary reports by distribution center/depot daily
o Exception reporting identifying alarmed trips in a hierarchical sequence
o Time-temperature graphs marked with location data: where the truck was, when and for how long

"Sensitech is committed to delivering leading edge applications to make the intricacies of cold chain management easily understandable to our customers," said Rupert Schmidtberg, Chief Technology Officer at Sensitech Inc. By leveraging the efficiencies of RF technology and applying our cold chain and statistical process control expertise we deliver a sophisticated suite of ColdStream Continuous Improvement Reports. While the industry struggles with achieving acceptable read rates, we collect clean and comprehensive data, expertly manage that data, and deliver tremendous value to our customers through advanced reporting and analytics. Our ColdStream customers are able to take action to attain meaningful and measurable process improvement throughout their cold chain."

ColdStream(TM)CL - Closed Loop Benefits
o Monitor the quality and safety of products throughout the intricacies of closed-loop delivery systems
o Eliminate manual investigative time at the distribution center tracking out-of-specification shipments
o Reduce unwarranted claim payments
o Improve operational visibility through daily compliance reports
o Understand process variations through daily exception reports

Sensitech's other cold chain visibility application: ColdStream(TM)PTS -- Plant to Shelf -- supports multi-segmented supply chains typically used by retailers and their perishable supply partners. ColdStreamPTS offers the same comprehensive data collection and data management, along with its own unique alarming/alerting, reporting and analytics to ensure full visibility between and within every segment -- supplier, in-transit, distribution center, and retail. Both applications are available now for full or pilot deployment.

About Sensitech Inc.

As the world's leading provider of cold chain visibility solutions, Sensitech enables global leaders in Food and Pharmaceuticals to track and monitor assets across the supply chain to protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive products. Sensitech is a business unit of Carrier Corp., the world's largest provider of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions with operations in 172 countries. Sensitech is an ISO 9001:2000 company and is based in Beverly, Massachusetts, with offices in Amsterdam, Calgary, Melbourne, Redmond and Santiago as well as service and distribution offices around the world. For additional information, please call +1-978-927-7033 or visit

CONTACT: Becky DeWitt of Sensitech Inc., +1-978-720-2508,

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