Delcam Offers Direct Link from PowerMILL CAM to Vericut Simulation

Delcam has introduced a direct link from its PowerMILL CAM system to CGTech's Vericut software for machine tool simulation and feed rate optimisation. This link will make it easier for companies to gain greater productivity by using the world's leading specialist CAM software alongside the world's leading simulation program.

"The status of Vericut is so well established that many companies manufacturing high-value items from expensive materials insist on using its simulations as part of their product development procedures," explained Mark Forth, Delcam's PowerMILL Product Marketing Manager. "By introducing this direct link, we have made it easier for these companies to check PowerMILL programs in Vericut. In addition, the same companies often insist that their sub-contractors should also prove out their programs with Vericut. The direct link will make it easier for existing PowerMILL users to add Vericut and so become able to tender for this work."

Vericut offers two key advantages to users. Firstly, because its simulations are based on the G-code output by PowerMILL, it offers an extra degree of confidence to users. "Vericut gives an independent verification of the toolpaths generated by PowerMILL, said Mr. Forth. "This provides an added level of security just in case there have been any operator errors in generating or in post-processing the toolpaths."

Secondly, Vericut offers an extensive range of machine tools models, the great majority of which have been developed in association with the machine tool manufacturers. As well as ensuring that the simulations are accurate, having such a comprehensive set of models saves users the time that would otherwise be needed to create the designs themselves.

"To remain profitable, companies are looking to manufacture more complex components, with higher added value," stated Mr. Forth. "At the same time, they are introducing higher levels of automation and increasing the amount of unsupervised machining they undertake. Finally, improvements in machine tool and cutting tool technology mean that cutting speeds are now routine that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. As a result, the potential for serious damage to a component, or even to the machine tool, has increased. All these factors make simulation on the computer more important than ever and so make the direct link from PowerMILL to Vericut an important addition to our software options."

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